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What Time Does Airtel Youtube Night Plan Start? Find Out Here


The Airtel YouTube Night Pack plans are the latest data plan that provides non-stop youtube video streaming, perfect if you want to catch up on all your favourite shows, news or just watch some funny cat videos. The new plan offers affordable rates for watching youtube content at night.

YouTube Night Packs plans offer non-stop video streaming at night between 1 AM – 5 AM. You can subscribe to the non-stop YouTube night packs plan by dialing *323# on your mobile phone to select any of the YouTube Video Packs that you like. To check your YouTube night plan balance simply dial *140#.

Airtel YouTube Night Bonus Packs Plan 2021

Airtel YouTube video packs plans are the latest data plans added to the already existing data plans. It allows you to watch unlimited YouTube videos on your device at affordable rates.

YOUTUBE PLUS PACKS, The youtube plus packs are standard data plans that grant you FREE access to non-stop video streaming at Night (1 AM-5 AM) Monday to Sunday.

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There are ways you can subscribe to these plans:

  • You can subscribe by dialing *323#, or
  • Dialing the direct activation code, which we have provided on this page for you.
Plan NamePriceValidityUSSDStandard DataYouTube Data
YOUTUBE PLUS 1.0N1,00030 days*323*31#1.5GB3GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 2.0N2,00030 days*323*32#3.5GB6GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 2.5N2,50030 days*323*33#5GB10GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 3.5N3,50030 days*323*34#7GB10GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 4.0N4,00030 days*323*35#9GB10GB

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FAQ on The Airtel YouTube Night Plan

What time does Airtel’s YouTube night plan start?

The time for the Airtel YouTube night plan starts at 1 AM and you can enjoy it all night long until 5 AM.

How do I use the YouTube night bonus on Airtel?

By dialing *323# and following the prompt, When you subscribe to the normal Monthly Plan, Airtel gifts you with an extra data bundle for the Youtube Streaming. Once you subscribe, you can begin to use the bonus to watch your favourite shows or keep up-to-date with the news and follow up on your favourite artist.

How do I buy YouTube data on Airtel?

To buy youtube data for your night, dial *323#, follow the options, and select the plan that best suits your need. When you want to check your Airtel YouTube data balance, dial *410# anytime from your phone.

When does the Airtel YouTube night plan start?

1 AM – 5 AM! Airtel only allows you to use the YouTube Night Packs plans, which offer non-stop YouTube videos all night between this hour (1 AM – 5 AM).

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