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20 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigerian 2023

Not everyone’s passion is catered to in Nigeria, which can make finding your dream job difficult. The unemployment rate in Nigeria has been increasing steadily over the past few months, and it currently stands at 33.3%. However, some high-paying, in-demand career opportunities are still available that come with attractive monthly salaries.

If you’re underpaid or need ideas about employment opportunities with massive pay in Nigeria that you can switch to, then you’ve found the right article.

Below are the 20 top-paying and currently in-demand jobs in Nigeria:

1. Business Developer and Sales Manager Jobs

Business and sales experts bring immeasurable value to businesses, making them among the highest paying, in-demand jobs by many companies. Business and sales managers earn between ₦150,000 – ₦250,000 a month, depending on the company, and it is indeed a very rewarding job.

2. Digital Marketing Jobs

Traditional marketing was the only way companies could market their products or services. But with recent technological developments, digital marketing has been an effective marketing strategy to boost sales.

The effectiveness of digital marketing in generating a quick return on investment is what makes it a very important job role. And as an entry-level digital marketing manager, you can get paid as much as ₦250,000 monthly, depending on the company and salary structure. The interesting part of this skill is that you can learn the skill in less than 4 months. In Nigeria, many companies now rely on search engines through SEO to gain visibility for their brands, products and services.

3. Financial Accounting Jobs

There are a lot of career opportunities in both Government and private organizations for accounting jobs. Accounting usually requires an excellent understanding of financing and its principles. It also requires a good understanding of analytics, including an eye for detail. Good organizational skills, commitment and self-motivation, and the ability to work alone or as part of a team are also important to thrive in this role.

The salary range of an accountant is ₦180,000 – ₦600,000, depending on the level in the institution’s payroll.

4. Banking Jobs

For young graduates, jobs in banks are the most available job in the market. Entry-level bankers can earn as much as ₦90,000-₦150,000 monthly, depending on the bank.

5. Business Manager Jobs

The Business Manager is one of the most demanding and among the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria. It can be challenging but rewarding, with duties varying from company to company. The average salary ranges from around ₦200k – ₦700k monthly.

6. Data Analysis Jobs

Data analysis is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria, with salaries ranging from ₦230k – ₦350k monthly. This position cuts across any field and can be applied to anything. As a data analyst, you are expected to inspect different models/forms, allowing for discovering useful information that informs conclusions supporting decision-making throughout all industries.

7. Software development/Computer Engineering Jobs

The best jobs in the world are in the IT industry. You get to work with cutting-edge technology and create something that will change how people live their lives forever. The pay varies by country, but computer engineers make ₦275,980 per month in Nigeria. This career choice also offers many opportunities for advancement like robotics research or communication systems design – it doesn’t matter what you want to do as long as your passion involves coding.

8. Petroleum Engineering Jobs

The petroleum engineering field is a coveted position for those who want to make big money. As the name suggests, these engineers design and deploy to extract Nigeria’s most valuable natural resource, oil. petroleum engineering is one of the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria. You can earn up to ₦2,000,000 as a monthly salary.

9. Aeronautical engineering Jobs

The demand for aero engineers is on the rise, and there are few universities that teach this course in Nigeria. However, with an increase in aviation-related industry growth, it is predicted to become one of our most sought-after jobs moving forward into the 2020s. They have many associated risks but also come at high pay due largely to how delicate their profession has become. This attracts great attention from employers who value their skill set highly when hiring professionals. It is a delicate profession and a very risky one. Therefore it attracts high pay.

10. Medicine/Healthcare Jobs

The need for medical doctors in Nigeria continues to grow as the population increases. There are many different areas that these specialists can work within, such as assessing patients, running diagnostics tests and creating treatment plans with medication prescriptions. Medical doctors also educate their community by providing health education classes through outreach programs or teaching at nursing colleges. Entry-level medical doctors earn as much as ₦180,000.

11. Surgeon Jobs

Surgeons are type of doctor that has been specifically trained to perform surgery. There is a general surgeon, neurosurgeons and plastic surgeons, among others, with their pay determined by their work area, years spent performing medical operations, or an individual’s level of experience. The average salary of surgeons in Nigeria ranges from ₦200,000 – ₦600,000 monthly, depending on the sector they work with (private or public).

12. Pharmaceutical Jobs

Investing in becoming a pharmacist is always a smart move. Pharmacists can work for the government, be academicians, own their own pharmacies, and make between ₦150K-₦600K per month.

Law may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a good career choice. There are countless opportunities out there for lawyers and law graduates in Nigeria. They can work as lawyers at the courthouse, within corporate firms like PwC, or as public service employees such as Solicitors.

Other opportunities include being a lawyer at the Courtroom level, an Advocate – Public Prosecutor, or even becoming Self Employed.

14. Project Management Jobs

Project managers are in high demand, with career opportunities available across many sectors. They earn a huge salary annually due to the large number of people seeking project manager positions and their skills being sought by multiple employers for various jobs within different industries–especially oil & gas companies as well as banks or other financial institutions. The necessary qualifications include leadership abilities, communication (sales), and adaptability, which helps them manage stress effectively, while time management applies even if you’re working on multiple tasks simultaneously.

15. Monitoring and Evaluation of NGO Jobs

Monitoring and Evaluation NGO Jobs: The Demand for Monitoring Personnel Continues to Increase

NGOs in Nigeria are constantly scaling up their search for monitoring employees. They design and coordinate research projects with learning frameworks that make them essential for attaining objectives. This job requires various skills such as communication abilities (both written & oral), data analysis expertise with contextual knowledge about different organizations’ needs.

16. Human Resource Jobs

This profession contributes to businesses through the strategic management of human resources. Depending on your company, a Human Resource job or hiring services in Nigeria can encompass everything from recruiting to training and compensation. It could concentrate exclusively on one specific area like a recruitment agency – representing both jobs holders’ interests by negotiating rates with clients while ensuring they get good people at fair prices (which is where salary comes into play). The entry-level salary for this job is at least ₦97,000, but professionals and experts can earn as much as ₦554,000 monthly.

17. Communication Jobs

Communication Officers are responsible for every operation concerning the communication activities of an organization. They devise strategies, create content and organize events to give a voice or inform others about their product/service offerings in order to get them interested. When combined with marketing, the salary for this profession could be as high as ₦1 million a month.

18. Health, Safety, and Environment Jobs

Health, safety and environment professionals are high among organizations across different sectors. Oil & Gas companies are in need of people with this skill set to work onsite at their facilities or offshore rigs, while Power Plants want someone who can monitor emissions into ambient air quality before they become harmful substances that cause illnesses such as lung cancer when inhaled over time.

Also, construction sites require staff members specializing in HSE. The salary structure is ₦80,000 for entry-level to ₦350,000 for senior level.

19. Entertainment Jobs

Entertainment is a job for many, from music to acting and fashion. It’s no secret that the entertainment industry has been on an upswing recently- as demand increases, so does the pay! Entertainers such as musicians can earn lots of money if they’re successful enough – but what about actors? Actresses make even more than their male counterparts since they are expected to appear more feminine, which often means higher-profile roles.

The best part about being famous, though, is that fans greet you everywhere you go without being recognized first!

20. College/Lecturing Jobs

College and university lecturing jobs in Nigeria are a perfect opportunity for anyone that wants to make their mark on the world. You can be anything from an assistant professor, lecturer or senior administrator in this job. As long as you have connections within academia, there’s no limit on where your career will take you- all it takes is hard work and motivation

Lecturers at different levels get paid differently depending upon qualifications (e.g., PhD vs MBA). Most earn between ₦100k – ₦600K monthly, while some may even triple these salaries through performance bonuses, pushing them up to six figures per month.

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