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Top 17 Boarding Schools and their fees In Lagos and Abuja Nigeria

Looking for a convenient learning environment for your wards? There are schools in Lagos and Abuja with the best boarding facilities, good environment, and quality academic curriculum.

And on this page, you will find the top best boarding schools in Lagos and Nigeria.

This list is in no particular order and we have segmented it into two:

  • Best boarding schools in Lagos including their fees
  • Best boarding schools in Abuja and Jos including their fees

1. Dowen College

School Fee: N1,250,000-2,000,000 per year

Dowen college was established in 1997 and is situated in Lagos, Lekki precisely. It’s one of the best schools you can find in Lagos with quality boarding facilities and enough rooms to accommodate many students. The school also has a provision for day students if the parents have time to be picking their children every day.

Its secondary school is among the best boarding schools in Lagos and the entire country.

Students get to enjoy the good facilities such as the computer centers, the rich library, cultural facilities, and many more.

The boarding school fee comes as an additional fee, which is why many parents prefer the day option. School fee + boarding is N2,000,000 per year while day school students only pay N1,250,000 per year. The interesting thing is the fees cover school uniforms, feeding, and textbooks including house wear.

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2. Chrisland College

Chrisland School Fee: N2,000,000 per year

The ChrisLand college is one of the best boarding schools located in Lagos and equipped with the latest boarding facilities you can expect in a boarding school setting.

The school fee is also high but you get what you are paying for, which is quality education and excellent performance of the students in the past years.

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3. Atlantic Hall Secondary School

School Fees: N2,270,000 per year

Established in 1989 by the Educational Trust Council (ETC), Atlantic Hall Secondary School is one of the best boarding schools in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. The school is situated close to the Atlantic Ocean in Epe, Lagos.

It has one of the best boarding facilities, which includes a medical center, well-equipped laboratories, sports facilities, and things that are required for a comfortable and excellent learning environment. Students enjoy the boarding option as they get together for social activities including talent and dance shows, concerts, and filmmaking. This school has all it takes to prepare you to pass JAMB CBT examination once and gain admission into one of the best and prestigious universities in Nigeria.

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6. Green Springs School

School Fees: N3,185,200 per year

This is one of the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria and at the same time ranks among the best boarding schools. It was established in 1985 and is located in Anthony, Lagos state.

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4. Whiteplains British School

School Fees: N3.6 million per year

The Whiteplains British School is a British standard school in Nigeria. They have one of the best boarding facilities with a conducive environment for the learning and development of children. The school prides itself as one of the best secondary schools with outstanding boarding options for students and pupils.  Whiteplains British School is also among the most expensive schools in Nigeria.

The opportunity here is endless for students who finished from Whiteplains British Schools as they stand a chance of continuing their university education abroad.

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5. Day Waterman College

School Fees: N3.7 million per year

You can judge from the high tuition fees that Day Waterman College is among the secondary schools with the best boarding facilities. Although this school is situated in Ogun State, it has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that have been made available to create the best atmosphere for learning just like other best boarding schools in Lagos or Abuja.

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6. Lekki British International School

School Fee: N4,000,300 per year

Lekki British International school is another boarding school with modern facilities. It ranks among the best secondary boarding schools for its excellent academic record and conducive learning environment for the young ones. The school was established in 2000. And has produced graduates who thrive so well among their peers in other countries. The school is one of the most expensive schools in Nigeria

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7. St Gregory’s College (Sgc)

Established in 1928 in Ikoyi Lagos, St Gregory’s College is one of the oldest boarding schools.

SGC might be an old school but the structure and facilities are well maintained. The academic system has been greatly improved with the modern-day (21st century) educational system.

The school is among the best boarding schools in Lagos Nigeria and is well recognized for its contributions in training students to become excellent in their endeavors and to become leaders of their own generations.

ST GREGORY’S COLLEGE is a boy’s only boarding school and one of the 9 Catholic Mission Schools in Nigeria. The school was established with the purpose of giving young boys a holistic education that is built on two pillars – fear of God and sound knowledge of all there is to know. This explains the motto of the beloved College Pro Fide et Scientia (For faith and knowledge). 

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8. Emerald Schools

Emerald Schools was founded in 1995 as a nursery and primary school in Gbagada, Lagos. 10 years later, the school enrolled its first set of students into JSS-1 and since then it has successfully produced great leaders with moral excellence. The school has one of the best boarding facilities and enough rooms to accommodate students.

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9. Ostra Private Schools (Ops)

Looking for a 21st-century school with modern boarding facilities with ICT equipment, look no further! Ostra Private School has what you are looking for. The school environment is beautiful and conducive to learning. Their academic system of education is British, American standard.

It ranks among the best boarding schools in Lagos Nigeria.

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Best Boarding Schools In Abuja

10. Baptist High School

The Baptist High School, Abuja is a co-educational, full boarding, and private Christian Institution established with the aim of:

  • Developing high discipline and intelligent Christians in the society.
  • Assisting young Baptist children and others towards self actualizations.

The school provides comprehensive secondary school education to young Nigerians mostly within the age of 10 to 16 years. They have an excellent track record of academic achievements and are one of the best secondary boarding schools in the city of Abuja.

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11. Funtaj International School

Funtaj is an international secondary school in every standard. Its modern-day equipped boarding facilities are second to none. Students who graduated from the school have endless opportunities to study both at home and abroad.

On their official website it reads “We develop our students to be the best and the brightest; In the Arts – For Business Sciences – Academia – All Areas of Life.”

The school ranks among the best boarding schools in Abuja and the best secondary schools in Nigeria.

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12. Loyola Jesuit College (LJC)

School Fees: N2,800,000 per year

The school was founded in 1996 and has maintained an excellent academic performance with good facilities to aid children learning.

Loyola Jesuit College is run by the Society of Jesuit in Abuja. It is one of the best boarding schools in Abuja. It is a coeducational boarding school located on a beautiful 28.5-hectare site in the serene village of Gidan Mangoro.

Loyola Jesuit College (LJC) is part of the worldwide family of Jesuit schools run by the Society of Jesus in Abuja. Loyola ranks among the best secondary schools with a set of modern-day boarding facilities making life easy for the students of the school. The school shares a common vision and philosophy derived from the writings of the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola. LJC is one of the most affordable schools with moderate tuition fees in Nigeria.

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13. Holy Rosary Girls’ College, Abuja

Holy Rosary Girls’ College is one of the few girl’s only secondary boarding schools in Abuja.

Boarding facilities are top-notch and academic excellence is at the core of the institution’s academic activities.

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14. Glisten International Academy

The Glisten International Academy was established in 2007 in Abuja. It is an accredited school and well recognized by the Department of Policy and Implementation.

The Board of Directors is made up of seasoned educationists having more than 30yrs of experience. They have been piloting the affairs of this institution and have recorded great achievements by producing great achievers who have represented the school in Abuja and in national competitions in Nigeria. 

Glisten International Academy is no doubt one of the best boarding schools in Abuja.

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15. The Regent School

The Regent Secondary School is another school to consider when looking for schools with standard boarding facilities for students and pupils in Abuja.

Regent school was established in 2007 and at that time, the primary and secondary schools shared the pioneer campus. However, in 2009, the secondary school students moved to a new purpose-built campus.

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16. International Community School, Abuja

Located in Utako Abuja, the International Community School is one of the best boarding schools you can find in Abuja.

The school started in 1998 with only eight students and three teachers. But today, it has grown to become full early years, an elementary and secondary school of over 575 students from approximately 35 countries.

The school moved to its permanent site in 2013 with well-equipped state-of-the-art facilities conducive for learning.

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17. Hillcrest School

School Fees: N2,650,000 per year

Hillcrest is a Christian School founded in 1942 for Christian missionary children and runs in line with the American standard of education.

The school has 3 categories namely: elementary, middle, and secondary school. Graduates from this school usually get admission into North American universities on merits.

The school is one of the best boarding schools in Jos and one of the most expensive schools in Nigeria.

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