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Scheme of Work For Primary 5: 1st Term Social Studies

The importance of the scheme of work for primary school pupils cannot be overstated as it generally serves as a checklist to ensure that no relevant topic is missed in the curriculum and also guide during revision for exams.

Both the private and public primary schools in Nigeria use the same Social Studies scheme of work for primary 1 from the first term to the third term.

Listed below are the approved social studies scheme of work for primary 1 first term, 2nd term, and 3rd term by the federal ministry of education in Nigeria and it applies to all public and private primary and Montessori schools in Nigeria.

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1st Term Social Studies Scheme of Work For Primary 5

Week 1Other People In The Family1. Other members of our family and how they relate to us.
2. Obligation of the members of the families.
Week 2Unity In Cultural Diversity1. Meaning of cultural diversity and unity.
2. Custom and traditional dressing styles.
3. Retainable custom.
4. Changeable custom.
5. Reasons for change.
Week 3Processes Of Changing Culture And Differences – Diversity In Language1. Different Nigeria languages
2. How to treat people with different language
3. Using Nigeria map to indicate languages
Week 4Marriage Customs And Practices1. Steps in selecting a marriage partner.
2. Preparation for marriage.
3. Values that are relevant to the selection of marriage
Week 5Roles Played By Families In Marriage
Week 6Responsible Parenthood 
Week 7Problems Of Parenthood – The Concept Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Stds) And Hiv/Aids1. Meaning of STD/HIV/AIDS
2. Types of STDS
3. Effects of STD/HIV/AIDS
4. Responsible sexual behaviour
5. Values relevant to parenthood
Week 8Traditional Marriage1. Meaning of traditional marriage
2. Modern marriage
3. Main features of traditional marriage
4. Values of traditional marriage.
Week 9Modern Marriage1. Main features of Christian marriage by the reverend father or pastor.
2. Main features of Muslim marriage Imam conducts.
3. Main features of marriage by conduct.
4. Values of Christian, Islamic, and marriage by ordinance.
Week 10Religion And Religious Beliefs1. Concept of religion.
2. Types of religious practice in the locality.
3. Religious intolerance.
4. Problems of religious intolerance.
Week 11Controlling Religious Intolerance Development1. Relevant values to religious differences
2. Control of religious intolerance education on tolerating human rights.
Week 12Roles Of Religious Bodies In Development
Week 13Revision And Examination

2nd Term Social Studies Scheme of Work For Primary 5/Basic 5

Week 1Leadership1. Who is a leader.
2. Types of leaders.
3. How can a leader be selected.
4. Function of political leaders.
5. Formation of political parties and changes.
6. Attributes of good and bad leadership.
Week 2Organization and Co-Operation1. Meaning of organization and cooperation.
2. Types of organization and co-operation.
3. Why do people live together.
4. Function of various organizations and cooperations.
5. Benefits of living together.
Week 3Resource Preservation – Savings1. What is resource preservation?
2. Mention types of savingBanking facilities in communities.
3. Process of opening an account in the banks.
Week 4Causes of Poor Savings1. Causes of poor savings.
2. How children can practice saving.
Week 5Resources Development – Capital1. Meaning of resources Ways of raising funds.
2. Government Sources of funds.
3. Individual and group Sources of funds.
4. Uses of funds.
Week 6Resources Distribution1. Meaning of resources.
2. Types of resources.
3. Why resources are not evenly distributed.
4. Problems of over-concentration of industries.
5. Ways of ensuring even distribution of resources.
Week 7Employment1. What is employment?
2. Concept of employment.
3. Causes of unemployment.
4. What are the causes of underemployment.
Week 8Wages And Income1. Concept of wages and salary.
2. Why do some people earn higher salaries than others.
Week 9Communication1. Meaning of communication.
2. Types of electronic communication.
3. Uses of the devices
4. Problems with some of the devices.
Week 10Transportation – Land Transportation1. Meaning of transportation.
2. Types of transportation.
3. Forms of land transport.
4. Advantages of transportation
5. Identify the problem of land transportation.
6. Solution to problems of land transportation.
Week 11National Water Supply I1. Why water is scarce sometimes.
2. Consequences of  water shortage in Nigeria
3. How to solve the problems of water shortage
4. Population and water supply.
Week 12National Water Supply II1. Why water is scarce sometimes.
2. Consequences of water shortage in Nigeria.
3. How to solve the problems of water shortage
4. Population and water supply.
Week 13Revision And Examination

3rd Term Social Studies Scheme of Work For Primary 5

Week 1Housing1. Definition of house.
2. Type of houses Nigerians live in.
Week 2Housing II: Features Of Adequate Housing1. Features of adequate housing.
2. Differences in the housing needs for urban and rural settlements.
Week 3Week 3: Housing III – Population And Housing1. Meaning of population and house.
2. Relationship between population and the available number of houses.
3. Solutions to the housing shortage.
Week 4Personal Hygiene And Physical Development1. What are personal hygiene and personal development?
2. Characteristics of physical development in a pre-adolescent stage.
3. Factors that can hinder physical growth in children.
Week 5Physical fitness and population1. Things to do to keep the body physically fit.
2. Characteristics of household population and its effects on personal hygiene.
Week 6Drug Abuse1. Concept of drug abuse.
2. Factors contributing to drug abuse.
3. Effect of drug abuse of stimulants.
4. Socio-economic effects of drug abuse.
5. Sources of drug
6. Small scale sources of drugs
7. Large scale sources of drugs
Week 7Prevention Of Drug Abuse With Life Coping Skills1. Health Promotion behaviour.
2. Join or form a social club.
3. Moral responsibilities.
Week 8Pollution1. Meaning of pollution
2. Sources and causes of air pollution
Week 9Natural Disaster1. Meaning of natural and unnatural disasters.
2. Causes of natural disasters.
3. Causes of unnatural disaster (man).
4. Effect of natural disasters on lives and property.
5. How to control unnatural disasters.
Week 10Differences Between Men And Women1. Differences between a man and a woman.
2. Traditional roles of women at home.
3. Traditional roles of men.
Week 11Revision
Week 12Examination

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