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The Polytechnic Ibadan School Fees for ND & HND Students 2022/2023

The Polytechnic, Ibadan is one of the highly regarded and well-recognised polytechnics in Nigeria. The institution is located in Ibadan, Oyo State capital, Nigeria. The institution was established in 1970 with the aim of providing an alternative higher education to universities, particularly in technical skill acquisition.

The Polytechnic Ibadan school fees for new and returning students are as low as ₦20,000 per academic session.

However, fresh polytechnic students are required to pay acceptance fees alongside the main school fees.

Although these fees are subject to change, the figures in the table below are based on previous sessions. We encourage you to visit the official website of the institution (link below).

Also, the Polytechnic, Ibadan school fees listed below are fees payable by students both indigenes and non-indigenes of the school.

Both the newly admitted students and returning students (ND and HND) of the Polytechnic, Ibadan are encouraged to pay their school fees for the session as early as possible to the school management’s account.

If you have chosen Polytechnic Ibadan in your JAMB or you have been admitted and you want to know about the Ibadan Polytechnic school fees, this page has all the information for you.

How much are the Polytechnic Ibadan school fees?

The Polytechnic Ibadan school fees are among the cheapest polytechnic school fees. The tuition fee structure is between ₦20,000 and ₦45,000 Naira depending on the degree program (ND or HND).

The Polytechnic Ibadan School Fees For ND and HND students 2022/2023

The Polytechnic has approved the fees contained in the table below as the fees for the academic session.

ND (Indigene)*School fees in Naira
ND 1 1st Semester₦28,200
ND 1 2nd Semester₦19,000
ND 2 1st Semester₦24,300
ND 2 2nd Semester₦16,500
*HND (Indigene)*
HND 1 1st Semester₦32,000
HND 1 2nd Semester₦21,500
HND 2 1st Semester₦28,200
HND 2 2nd Semester₦19,100
*ND (Non-Indigene)*
ND 1 1st Semester₦31,200
ND 1 2nd Semester₦21,000
ND 2 1st Semester₦27,300
ND 2 2nd Semester₦18,500
*HND (Non-Indigene)*
HND 1 1st Semester₦35,000
HND 1 2nd Semester₦23,500
HND 2 1st Semester₦31,200
HND 2 2nd Semester₦21,100
*Dpp School Fee* NDSchool fees (Naira)
ND 1 1st Semester₦41,800
ND 1 2nd Semester₦28,000
ND 2 1st Semester₦37,300
ND 2 2nd Semester₦25,200
HND 1 1st Semester₦47,500
HND 1 2nd Semester₦38,100
HND 2 1st Semester –
HND 2 2nd Semester –

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*Part-Time School Fee*
ND 1 1st Semester₦49,700
ND 1 2nd Semester₦33,500
ND 2 1st Semester₦38,200
ND 2 2nd Semester₦27,000
ND 3 1st Semester₦26,500
ND 3 2nd Semester₦19,300
HND 1 1st Semester –
HND 1 2nd Semester₦44,700
HND 2 1st Semester –
HND 2 2nd Semester –
HND 3 1st Semester #30,500
HND 3 2nd Semester –
Other Compulsory Fees
Medical + Oath Fee₦4,500
Health Ins + Internet Access₦3,700
ND 1 & HND 1 Eed (60%)₦2,100
ND 2 & HND 2 Eed (60%)₦2,800


These school fees are subject to change and can be modified by the school management at any time. Students are to verify from the school authority or the admission office of the Polytechnic Ibadan regarding the school fees stated here before making payments.

For more information on Ibadan Poly tuition, use the following information:

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