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How to Download and Invest on PiggyVest App

An online tool called PiggyVest, formerly known as PiggyBank is one of the top investment platforms in Nigeria, assisting users in setting aside money for future goals – by setting personal targets and saving accordingly.

Additionally, the platform gives users the chance to invest their money in a variety of businesses and receive returns of up to 25% for a period of 8 months or longer while the interest rates on money saved can be up to 13%.

PiggyVest is recognized as Nigeria’s largest online savings and investment platform.

There are several ways to save money on the PiggyVest app; individual and group saving options are available, and you can save with a friend, your spouse, or anybody else.

In Nigeria, both the website and the app are widely used. When you save all the little money you lose every day, week, or month, it can add up to a pretty large sum – saving money for a rainy day is a wise decision.

How Does PiggyVest Work?

You have a financial objective that you want to achieve, and PiggyVest helps you achieve it. It can be to pay rent, start a business, or for any other reason. Maybe all you want to do is save a million, ten million, or even bigger. You simply register for a PiggyVest account and begin saving.

They give you interest on your savings of up to 13%. You can save whenever you wish, whether daily, weekly, or monthly; it’s your choice!

You have the choice to enable automatic saving, you may choose to set aside, for instance, between ₦50 and ₦20,000 or more each day. Your desired amount will be automatically withheld from your account each day once you set it up.

You may also choose to save once a week. For instance, you decide to save ₦1,000 to ₦50,000 or more per week. You can even set it up so that the money is automatically taken out of your bank account each week. If you want to save on a monthly basis, the same rules apply.

There is another choice, though, if you would rather save whenever you choose without having money taken out of your account on a regular basis. It is referred to as QuickSave. You get to decide when to save. Just use the website or app, log in, and save. You can save however you like.

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The option to save with a friend, family member, spouse or group of individuals is also available. How much money you wish to save and for how long must be decided upon with the other persons. and begin saving! The funds will be sent to each saver’s account on the day you specify comes around.

There aren’t many withdrawal dates in a year when you save. To keep you disciplined, that is the reason. However, you may withdraw at any time with a penalty after the withdrawal date.

The ability to lock funds is available. if you wish to avoid touching whatever money you have. It might be for anything—house rent, school costs, company expenses, etc. You can lock it and receive a one-time payment of 13 per cent interest.

The ability to invest money on this platform is a huge plus. There are numerous startups that require funding. You can research them and choose the one that would work best for you before investing. It’s quite simple. A few clicks will complete the process. You may get started investing for as little as ₦3,000!

Think about how much money you waste each week or month—spending ₦100, ₦500, ₦1000, or even more. You will be astonished by how much money you may gain in a year plus interest if you save them or invest them on this platform.

How do I save money on PiggVest?

Take the following actions to save money on PiggyVest:

1. Create a new account

You must first create an account.

Provide your name, phone number, and password are all that are required.

2. Choose your saving strategy

after creating an account. There are various ways to save. PiggyBank, Safelock, and Target Saving are available. Decide which one is best for you. Details about each of them are provided below.

3. Provide your information and begin saving

If you choose Piggy bank, you must specify how much money you want to automatically save and whether it should happen daily, weekly, or monthly. Additionally, you can choose to manually save whenever you choose. Set the amount you want to lock and the withdrawal time for Safelock. Decide how much you want to save as your aim. Choose a withdrawal date, invite friends if you wish to join you, and

PiggyVest Investment: How to invest your money

To invest money with PiggyVest, adhere to these procedures.

1. Create a new account

First, you need to make an account. It’s a really simple process and you can start by clicking here.

2. Go to Investify

Once you are on the Dashboard for your PiggyVesy account. Numerous alternatives will be displayed on the screen, select “Investify” or “invest for the future.”

3. Review investment opportunities and invest.

There are several investment opportunities available. To invest, simply click on whomever you like. Most investment options require a minimum investment of ₦3000.

How Safe is PiggyVest?

On our site, saving or investing money is secure. Their official registration number is RC 1405222, PiggyTech Global Limited. They bought a microfinance bank and its license at the beginning of 2018. Additionally, they are cooperative with registration number 16555 under the name Piggytech Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited.

All the money saved on this platform is stored and managed by AIICO Capital, the leading asset management company in Nigeria, which is registered and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Your card information is also saved. The information is not kept on their website. To handle your details, they collaborate with Paystack, a well-known PCI-DSS-compliant payment processor in Nigeria. With an SSL encrypted connection, the website is even safer.

PiggyVest Products/Features

There are various characteristics, as follows:


As the name suggests, PiggyBank is PiggyBank on PiggyVest where you can save money. This function is for you if you intend to save money for yourself in order to achieve your goals. Recall all the money you squandered on those pointless items? You can save it here, no matter how small. Additionally, you can profit greatly from it. These small sums of money will grow significantly within a year or two.

Think about it…

If you save ₦100 per day, you will have saved ₦36,500 in a year. Add interest, and you may have saved ₦40,00. If you save ₦5,000 per month, you will have saved ₦60,000 per year. Add interest, and that amount might reach over ₦67,000.

Additionally, if you want to save ₦20,000 each month from your salary, that would be ₦240, 000 per year. Add interest, and that would be over ₦270,000.

For as long as you’d want, you can save. The more money and interest you save, the longer you save.

Saving money can be done automatically every day, every week, or every month. Your bank account will be automatically debited for the amount. There is a feature called Quicksave if that is something you do not like. You can manually save money whenever you want with Quicksave. When you wish to manually save, you must log into the app or website if you use the rapid save choices.

You can stop saving at any time and pick it back up later. You can use quicksave or pause your savings if you don’t have any money to spare for a month.

Additionally, you have the option of increasing your savings. You control everything, after all.

You have immediate access to your PiggyBank. However, there are extremely few withdrawal dates each year in order to promote discipline:

  • Every March 31st
  • June 30th
  • September 30th of each year
  • Every December 31st

You may also change this date on your own.

Investify (Invest for the future)

One of PiggyVest’s services, Investify, assists users in making investments in low-risk business ventures. The firm has investigated and approved these investment opportunities. Every investment has a unique form of defence. If insurance is a concern for you, do your research before investing because different investment options have varied insurance coverage.

You can invest with as little as ₦3,000 and receive returns of up to 25%. Depending on the investment, interest is paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.

You can always sell your shares or liquidate your investment.

Nevertheless, these investments are from outside sources. However, PiggyVest conducts due diligence prior to approval. Additionally, they offer more capital protection. Before making an investment, carefully read the investment.

Investment opportunities abound in a variety of sectors, including agricultural, real estate, fixed income assets, and more.


On Piggy Vest, the Safelock function enables users to lock up money until a specific time. Up to 13 per cent of the money you lock is yours to earn. Like a fixed deposit, it functions.

It’s quite simple. For instance, if you have ₦300,000 to put away for a year’s worth of rent, child’s tuition, or just a sudden windfall of cash, you may utilize safelock to lock the money away until you need it. To prevent spending it, that is. Just specify how much and for how long you want to lock it.

You will receive the interest upfront. The money will be automatically released for your use after the period of time you specify has passed. Numerous safelock accounts are possible.

Your ability to lock money starts at 1000.

Target savings

A tool called “target savings” enables users to save money on their own, with friends and family, or as a group to reach a certain goal. For instance, you want to launch a firm in a year. You can open target savings account to put all of your savings into that. Inviting friends to save with you is another option. You are allowed to withdraw on the designated day once you have reached 70% of the goal. Interest on savings with a target earns 10%.

if you and your buddies are organizing a trip. You can set a goal for your savings on it. Invite your friends so you can all begin saving.

The shortest time frame you can specify is 30 days.


PiggyFlex is the primary account into which all of your interest, savings, and target payments are made. You can take money out or send it to other people from here.

For instance, when you withdraw, the money from your PiggyBank is sent here. similar to the one on your target savings, safelock, and investify.

You can rapidly withdraw money from this place at any time to your bank account.

Interest rates for PiggyVest

When you save money through the site, you receive interest.

  • 10% yearly growth on Core Savings (Piggybank Savings)
  • More than 13% annually on SafeLock
  • 10% annually on Target Savings and Group Savings

PiggyVest points

The key is a system that rewards users for using the platform to save money. Savings result in points, which may be exchanged for cash.

The amount you save determines how many points you receive. Here is a summary:

  • ₦2000 – ₦4999 equals one point.
  • ₦5000 – ₦9999 equals two points.
  • ₦10000 minus ₦49999 equals 10 points
  • ₦50000 minus ₦99999 equals 25 points
  • 55 points for ₦100000 and higher.

Each point has a value of ₦10. That is ₦10 = 1 Piggy Point.

PiggyVest mobile app

Android and iOS devices both support the PiggyVest app. It is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can download the one that works best for you by clicking here. Piggy Vest login

Whenever you choose, you can use the app or website to log into your account. All you need is your password and either your email address or phone number.

PiggyVest customer care

Here is some customer service information:

Customer care phone number for PiggyVest: +234700 933 933 933.

Customer care email: [email protected].

PiggyVest Head office address: Piggy Vest’s headquarters are at 16 Boyle Street, Onikan, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Web address:

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