NYSC Glossary: Terms You Should Be Familiar With Before Your Mobilization

Two weeks into our orientation camping in Akwa Ibom (Nsit Atai) a corp member was quizzed to name the sound she used to hear every morning and at the close of the day. And to the greatest shock of the quiz officials, she could not say a word. 

And immediately I heard someone at my back saying “beauty with no brain”! Now, I’m not mocking anyone, but rather trying to share part of my NYSC story as it relates to why you should familiarise yourself with some (if not all) of the terms used in NYSC.

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The moment you start your mobilization processes, you’re now on the way to being called a prospective corps member. And the moment you finish service, you become an ex corps member. But during the period you’re about to complete your one-year service, you’ll hear some terms like passing out parade P.O.P. And the last term that’ll matter to you would be Post-NYSC.

NYSC Terms You Should Be Familiar With Before Your Mobilization

NYSC: National Youth Service Corps

Green card: the green card is the printout of your online registration after you must have successfully submitted the form. On it are your details that are sent to NYSC.

Call-up letter: a letter showing your acceptance and mobilization to NYSC. This letter contains information about where you’ll be serving your mandatory one-year service.

Call up number: a unique number given to an identified registered member for NYSC service. This unique number shows the institution you attended, the year of mobilization, and special numbers.

DG: Director-General who heads the NYSC scheme.

ST: State Coordinator – the head of the scheme at the state level 

AI: area inspector is in charge of the program in a given area.

ZI: zonal inspector in charge of the scheme in a given zone.

LI: local inspector is in charge of the program under a local government area.

LG: Local government is the area a local inspector covers.

LGAs: local government areas are local governments in the state.

Allowance: Federal Government stipend paid to corners. Most states also pay their corps members but the allowance by state varies.

Allawee: the term used by corps members to mean allowance.

Book of Life: a book signed by all corps members in camp or at the state NYSC Secretariat.

CDS: Community Development Service is a compulsory group every corps member must belong to. It’s a commitment to selfless service to the communities where corps members are posted.

CDS card: an official NYSC card signed by the LI with a passport photograph attached to it after the last CDS

CLO: Corps Liaison Officer. The CLO represents the head of corpers in the local government and also at the PPA.

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Clearance: a monthly form that shows that a corps member has been actively involved in the scheme and that he’s not a ghost corp member.

DEC: Deputy Editor in Chief.

De-camp: Corpers sent from camp but come back to collect their posting letter on the last day of camp.

Exco: The executive council officers representing corpers NYSC CDS groups.

OBS: Orientation Broadcasting Station is a group in charge of information dissemination in the camp.

PCM: Prospective Corp Members – the term used to describe NYSC members who are yet to be sworn in. These are fresh members that just received their call-up letters.

CM: Corps Members that have done swearing-in ceremony. 

Platoon: a group of corpers with state code having the same last number.

Platoon commander: A corpers leading a platoon during a parade.

Platoon Inspector: A camp (NYSC) official in charge of a platoon.

Platoon leader: a corpers assisting the platoon inspector for platoon activities and reporting to the platoon inspector.

Overall platoon commander: a corper who is in charge of all the platoons.

PPA: Place of Primary Assignment – the place assigned to corper members to work and serve their fatherland.

POP: Passing Out Parade a term used to illustrate the passing out of corps members first from the camp and lastly out of the scheme.

PRO: Public Relation Officer.

CC: Camp Commandant is the highest-ranked soldier in the camp.

Camp director: the person who is in charge of camp activities.

SAED: Skills Acquisitions and Entrepreneurship Development – it’s a programme organized by NYSC to educate, teach and make corps members acquire new skills while in camp, which they can continue to develop after camp (during service).

PV: Payment Voucher.

State Code: this is the official state identification number given to all corp members after registration in camp. It contains your state abbreviations, year and batch and a unique number.

Posting letter: a letter containing your PPA

Senate list: list of names received from a school eligible to register for NYSC.

Revalidation: application for revalidation is when the PCM registered previously but failed to go to camp after printing his/her call up letter.

Remobilization: application for remobilization is when the PCM went to camp but failed to report to PPA or absconded.

Domicile letter: a letter from a husband to NYSC applying for redeployment of his wife to his state of residence stating clearly his home address.

Ghost corper: a corper that don’t participate in activities yet collects allawee.

Mami market: a group of shops selling and rendering various services in NYSC orientation camp to both camp officials and corpers

Otondo: a word for New corpers or sometimes used to mean foolish corper.

Corpers wee: an exclamation to a corps member of which the response is waa. I.e., Call: Wee ohh! Response: Waa ohh!

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