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Top 75+ Low Investment High-Profit Business Ideas

There are a plethora of business ideas that can be established with minimal capital, and the good side of it is…

You don’t have to break the bank to start them. In fact, some rely well on ideas and concepts; if you can come up with good ideas, you may not need that much to start.

Sometimes, we fear taking that first step and we project in our mind – “What if the business doesn’t yield the expected return on investment?”

Well, this fear can be put out of the way if we can start with a business that only requires a little investment.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the low investment high-profit businesses you can start without breaking the bank and over time will pay off awesomely.


1. Wedding Planner

In Nigeria, the wedding industry is significant. The “huge large Nigerian wedding” is a timeless tradition. You require exceptional networking skills, inventiveness, and the capacity for quick decisions to succeed as a wedding planner. Although your first contract may not bring in that much, it will increase rapidly over time.

2. Event Organizer

Starting a small business that plans events could be a nice idea, but this may require staff with specialized skills. Your charisma and event management abilities are your most valuable assets in this line of work.

Similar to wedding planning, building an event management clientele takes a lot of effort, and as word of mouth is a significant form of advertising for both industries, the scale of the business depends on the value that is added to the original clientele. However, because it serves a wider clientele than wedding planning does, event management has the potential to expand more quickly. Corporate event managers are in charge of anything from birthday celebrations to client meetings.

In reality, a lot of event planners start off by working from home. This can be a wonderful concept for starting an event planning company because it minimizes overhead costs during the crucial startup phase and increases efficiency.

3. Driving School

You will need some vehicles and a competent group of instructors if you want to start a driving school. Alternatively, if any of your friends, neighbours, or others desire to learn to drive, just ask them. Some individuals even bring their own vehicle and request driving instructions. As a result, driving schools are a fantastic, highly profitable industry. You may open a driving school now with little startup money and make big profits.

4. Gym or Fitness Center

In our modern society, we frequently neglect to take care of our bodies, which leads to worsening physical ailments. We should visit gyms or fitness facilities always to avoid certain health conditions. Opening a gym in a favourable location with the bare minimum of equipment will unquestionably prove to be a successful business venture.

5. Yoga and Meditation Center

Nobody can lead a healthy life with such a busy schedule, a chaotic lifestyle, and a lot of work stress. People will benefit from your yoga and meditation facility as they battle all of these unending issues. In addition, it is a very lucrative business concept. The investment will only include a good location and a few employees (optional). If you don’t have any experience with yoga or meditation, you can also hire a trainer.

6. Mechanical/Electrical Works

The advancement of modern technology necessitates the use of several mechanical and electrical products. As a result, it is profitable to open a garage today for the repair of automobiles or the sale of any electrical goods. Even if the firm requires some investment, the profit is almost always bigger.

7. ECommerce Websites

The new era trend is online purchasing. It is the simplest way to shop and choose the best item out of a huge selection. You only need a website and the items you want to sell; these might be anything from jewels to shoes to common household goods.

8. Blogging

One of the best low-cost business ideas that might yield a big profit is blogging. All you need to invest in are a laptop or PC, an Internet connection, and the capacity to write blogs. Despite being fairly straightforward, it can generate substantial financial gains.

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The blogger may receive payment from Google if the blog you publish comes in top on Google. This is very helpful and simple, to begin with. Furthermore, a lot of people blog, and they profit handsomely from it without making any investments.

9. Freelancer

When you have a skill, why let it go waste? Can you design beautiful websites? Educate in your mother tongue like a pro? Write articles that are catchy and interesting. Start freelancing if you have any kind of talent to make money online with no investment.

The term “freelancer” describes a person who is self-employed and bases all of their income completely on the fees received for rendering services. If you operate as a freelancer, you can work with different businesses without having a strong connection to any one of them, giving you more exposure.

This talent can make some money on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn. If these websites are not your thing, you can make your own website or a social media presence to advertise your freelance services and get clients.

The largest challenge must be providing evidence of one’s knowledge because platforms need verifiable proof of one’s expertise in the specialized subject chosen for freelancing. In order to begin your freelance career, you must first develop a portfolio. Currently, the competition is too fierce, yet you can still prevail if your portfolio is robust.

10. Technical Freelancer

You can try technical freelancing if you possess logical reasoning, analytical abilities, and computer language understanding. For instance, if you are skilled in website design and development, advertise your skills on websites like Fiverr and Freelancer.

Investing in online certifications and courses to increase your expertise and reputation. Additionally, you can start a technical freelancing business with no money outlay because of the abundance of tools that are offered for free online.

11. Online surveys and solving captcha

You can earn money while at home by completing surveys and solving captchas, which are both very simple earning methods. The abilities required a working understanding of the internet, basic math skills, and English. Although the rewards may appear modest, time and work eventually pay off. It’s critical to be aware that fraudsters are pervasive in this industry.

Therefore, before signing up for a survey company, perform thorough research to avoid engaging with fraudulent ones. Additionally, if the business requests registration payments, that should serve as a red flag that the website is fraudulent. After stating the website name, you can use Google “scam” to find all the information you require.

12. Domain Trading

Do you realize how lucrative the sale and other web domains is? You may want to find out! However, before becoming a domain trader, one must have the necessary knowledge and capital. The work entails finding suitable domains, waiting for the proper chance, and then offering it to buyers, who are typically businesses and organizations. You must be inventive and conduct much research in this situation.

You must look for brands that you believe will be well known in one or two years, and then you must get a domain name that includes the brand name. You will generate money when the brand becomes well known by forcing them to purchase the domain name from you at a price you determine.

Any website, including Namecheap, GoDaddy, and others, allows you to buy domain names.

13. Ebook Publishing

E-books and PDFs can make money if they are well-written and creative enough to stand out. Both novice and seasoned writers can utilize online publishing to market their work and make money from sales.

If you’re a novice, you can start your novel using Kindle Direct Publishing and promote it online. Simply by selling their novels online, many authors are earning substantial sums of money. Your e-books can be published without spending any money.

14. Podcasts

Podcasting consists of both audio and video sessions, however, audio files are typically more prevalent. Users who subscribe to podcasts can download or stream them online.

All you need to use to start a podcast is a smartphone and some headphones. However, make sure you have content that can benefit people before launching your podcast channel.

By putting adverts at the start, middle, or finish of the session, you can make money. Podcasts may come in the form of audiobooks. More people prefer to listen to audiobooks than to read books. You can set up a website where you can sell your audiobooks, which will enable you to make a sizable profit from both website visitors and audiobook sales.

15. Stock Trading

An excellent way to make a lot of money is through stock trading. With a small initial commitment, you may begin trading stocks and put your money to work for you. But before you begin stock trading, learn as much as you can about the stock market. Then and only you will be able to profit from stock trading.

This is a high-risk, high gamble field that calls for expertise, cunning, and good fortune. There are countless happy and depressing success stories. Only engage in trading if you can withstand the shock of falling flat on your face. To do this and make a respectable living, you’ll also need some abilities.

16. Recruitment Services

You can launch your own business to offer hiring services to other businesses. Search for job seekers and make contact with employers. Just linking the two together will do.

17. Social Media Services

Ghostwriting for businesses, publishing on blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts as well as Facebook pages are all included in the social media services industry. In general, you must manage a brand’s social media presence and drive traffic and customers to them there.

18. Influencer

You can start marketing products from different firms and earn money for the promotions if you have a sizable following on social media and they are committed to your postings.

There is a chance that you may become the company’s brand ambassador if you can increase sales. People are being paid very much for it. Additionally, if you are a successful model and influencer, you may be noticed by modelling agencies and launch your career.

19. Interior Designer

In our nation, a large portion of the population is part of the creamy layer of the wealthy. And in order to convey their level, they are prepared to spend a lot on pricey mansions, luxurious amenities, and other items. As a result, furniture is among the most prized items for interior design.

Because so much money is spent on these opulent interiors, there are high expectations as well. Every decor shop owner should prioritize focusing on the style, design, and quality of the interior components that make up the product’s value.

Although it may require specialized expertise, the interior design business may offer the best return on investment. For a person who is knowledgeable about and passionate about interior design, this line of work is ideal. An interior designer is compensated for sharing their artistic and aesthetic sensibilities with their clientele. As a result, it must be in keeping with the intended customer’s taste.

If you deal with distinctive, opulent, and fashionable furniture and can successfully market to the proper customers, the profit margins in this industry are very high. You can work from home doing only design-related tasks.

20. Grocery Store

The most important industry for selling the various commodities that people require on a daily basis is grocery stores. Given that groceries are a necessity for everyone on a daily basis, this is a lucrative enterprise with no losses. Just put down a tiny amount of money to purchase some stock from a vendor and then sell it on the market. Every item that is sold can be purchased. You can begin with a modest food store and grow as needed.

21. Coaching Class

The educational industry will never cease. Due to the intense rivalry in today’s market, students taking competitive exams require some coaching for preparation, so they enrol in coaching institutes. These coaching facilities are profitable, low-investment, evergreen enterprises that help spread information and prepare students to succeed in competitive examinations.

However, all you need to do is make sure you are well versed in the subject and can clearly explain it to the kids. If you are a skilled athlete, you can begin working as a professional sports coach in addition to teaching math or science. Coaching is one of the finest low investment companies in Nigeria based on its popularity.

22. Mobile/Computer Repairing

Today’s world is unavoidably reliant on technology. It is no longer a luxury but a need. It costs nothing to learn how to fix electronics like laptops and PCs. Take the required education/diploma and get your hands dirty.

Every vendor who sells mobile devices and personal computers has a little area in the corner of his shop designated for the repairman. No, you won’t be asked to go and sit there; instead, you may start this business at home with a modest expenditure by following the same steps.

23. Computer Trainer

This could be a profitable business venture if you are competent at teaching others how to use computers, which is essential in today’s society. Computer training can be lucrative because even most of the university graduates do not have understanding of how computers work. 

24. Car Parking

The ideal bargain will be having a sizable area to offer secure and safe parking. Investments will be needed to organize the parking area appropriately, hire security guards, and install security cameras.

25. Public Speaking Lessons

Everyone has stage fright, which is a common phobia. Some people have the innate ability to speak with confidence from birth, but for some of us, this skill is lost throughout childhood. If you have the ability to talk in front of a large group of people with clarity and elegance that makes people envious, this talent of yours can help you make money and enhance the lives of others.

26. Music & Dance Classes

If you have a strong dance background, opening a dance studio is a great business idea that requires little capital. Many parents search for a reputable dance studio for their kids. The popularity of music and dance classes is directly related to the earlier business. There is no shortage of available genres. Just a room is all you need in the case of dance classes. Such enterprises grow in popularity over time. Persistence is therefore crucial.

The music industry is a highly lucrative industry. The profits from this firm are very high. All you need to succeed in musical knowledge and access to an instrument like a guitar or piano.

You can host this lesson at your home if you don’t have a facility where you can hold music classes. The vacant garage can be used to create a music class where your pupils can comfortably learn.

27. DJ Services

A creative side hustle is the provision of disk jockey services. In numerous instances, people look for DJs. If you have a great ear for music, you can succeed in this industry.

28. Baby Sitter

Starting a babysitting service in a major city will undoubtedly lead to success quickly. The majority of individuals in Nigeria’s major cities are extremely busy. People will therefore undoubtedly purchase your services.

29. Courier Company

Today, a lot of individuals strive for faster delivery times and lower shipping costs. This business is for you if you believe you have what it takes to manage and run a courier service.

30. Consultancy

Agents from the consultancy firm assist clients in completing tasks. Consulting increases earnings while reducing people’s workload and requires no investment. TATA in Nigeria is the best illustration of a consultancy service.

It’s preferable to generalize this wide category for this category of the company because there are so many different fields, from legal to financial to technical. The level of profitability you’ll achieve depends on your level of expertise and achievement in your speciality.

31. Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital marketing consulting is at an all-time high as more and more people go online for the first time and compete to rank top on Google. You can simply start a digital marketing consulting company and aid in the business’s rapid growth if you have a solid knowledge of social media or SEO.

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32. Dietary Consultancy

Dietary advice has grown to be a crucial business in Nigeria as more and more people attempt to be healthy and intelligent. You can earn good money with little investment if you study about food diets and nutrition.

33. Translation Services

For this line of work, you must specialize in one or two of the languages you can speak fluently, or you must employ other translators who are multilingual.

34. Content Writing & Copywriting

Websites should have content to attract the necessary traffic (yeah, there are exceptions). By providing articles, columns, and other content for websites, anyone with a knack for producing engaging content can create a side income.

Initial numbers of clients and earnings per article may be lower, but once the flow starts, the possibilities are endless. The main need is a thorough understanding of the language and all of its nuances. Additionally, creativity and innovation are required to support this.

Additionally, you can work for businesses and apply for content writing employment on a variety of job application websites. There are several similar content writing positions available on Internshala, many of them are remote.

Writing content is becoming more and more necessary since there are more and more websites. The remuneration for content writers in Nigeria is too cheap, but if you believe your work is of the highest calibre. You can start writing content for global businesses and pursue a career in content creation.

35. Opening Book Stores

Book fans frequently purchase many volumes, making the concept of a new bookstore appealing.

36. Travel Agency

The travel agency serves as a conduit between the tourist or traveller and the major providers, such as tour operators, accommodations, airlines, etc. One of the sectors in our economy that is expanding the quickest is tourism. As more and more people travel and take vacations, they explore these locations thanks to the tourist attractions.

It is increasingly simpler to move between nations because to the globalization phenomenon. Any country is easier to travel through and takes less time; this is also true of Nigeria. Given the size of the clientele, this is a fantastic time to launch a travel agency.

37. Security & SpyAgency

You can establish your own security firm in response to the rising demand for security, but working as a spy is also a viable choice.

38. Data Entry

Data entry job is still a popular way for businesses to make money today, so you may start offering these services.

39. Resume Writer

You can work as a resume writer if you are skilled at creating resumes and are well versed in the field.

business ventures with cheap costs and great returns

40. Laundry Services

Laundry is one type of business that can be started with little startup money, is simple to run, and enters the market rapidly. You are qualified to run the laundry business because you have enough money to profit from the washer and detergent by themselves.

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There are already several successful laundries in existence. Do you wish to emulate their achievements? If so, start with this low-risk business concept that has the potential to generate a sizable profit.

41. Web Designing

A nice low investment company to start is web design. Services for web design are increasingly required. All you have are investments in laptops, PCs, and internet networks. Only web design and content are involved in a web designer’s job. When you have the relevant information, skills, and experience, you can complete this work more easily.

Freelance web design work is another option for working from home. The necessity for web design means that there are a lot of individuals looking for it and paying a lot of money to those who offer these services. There are no investments required for this business. Although the pay range for the jobs you embark on depends on your web development talents.

42. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the businesses that people today prefer the most. You can sell other people’s products without making a large investment. The main component of this type of marketing is promoting a merchant’s goods or services through a given link (also known as an affiliate link). Through its affiliate program, the interested party enters into a contract with a retailer like Clickbank, CJ, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. and earns a link in return.

When a user clicks on the link that the candidate advertises on social media and other channels, they are taken to the merchant’s portal. The merchant tracks all sales made by the affiliate marketer (in this example, you) and will count any purchases made on the portal through this link as sales made by the affiliate marketer.

The fee is based on the volume of sales and the total value of the transactions. You don’t need to make any money to begin affiliate marketing. However, in order to attract the required attention and awareness, affiliate marketing requires a robust online presence. You can sell anything to a limited audience that trusts you if you have that audience.

43. Real Estate Agent

People are unable to find land that meets their demands due to the rising cost of land. Here, real estate brokers can step in as navigators to find the finest bargains.

Being a real estate broker or agent has many advantages. To find a potential buyer, you can post tariffs or search for the real estate that a prospective buyer needs. To satisfy consumers and make money, all you need are effective communication skills and speaking abilities.

44. YouTube Channel

Everyone is familiar with YouTube. Because of YouTube, many well-known people became famous. All you have to do is make your videos, upload them to YouTube, and start your channel. You gain more views and generate more money from internet adverts the more frequently you upload.

The YouTube scene is dominated by videos with inspiring messages, fashion advice, funny vlogs, instructional material, and how-tos for applying makeup. However, in addition to skill, you also need patience and intelligence to become popular on YouTube. Then perhaps you can join the list of well-known YouTubers as the next name.

45. Cooking Classes

You may easily start it in your own kitchen with all of your favourite recipes, whether you’re a housewife or a cooking enthusiast. Spending a lot is not required. Simply start your cooking class, get some ingredients, do some advertising, and start making money.

46. Business Broker

There is no initial investment during this period. Similar to how Quikr and eBay do, they connect people who want to sell their used goods with others who want to buy them. When the deal is exchanged, collect the commission.

47. Fast Food Restaurant

The Nigeria Food Report, published in January 2016, predicted that Nigeria’s food service sector would expand at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of over 15% between 2014 and 2020.

The best business concept that is likely to produce the most value and profits is definitely opening a restaurant, but it is also extremely competitive. There are several examples of fast food outlets or restaurants that fail.

The correct location must be chosen; ideally, it should be near a lot of people and a place where there is a steady stream of consumers. You should also think about the niche or the kind of customers you wish to draw in. And based on that, you should adjust how you serve meals, how you provide services, and how you develop the interior later.

In the restaurant industry, quality is very crucial. Students often spend the majority of their mealtimes searching for good food outside in today’s hectic world of working people. The food’s quality must be preserved. Today, it is also quite popular and practical to order food online.

Choose a location, hire a cook (or do it yourself), choose a name, prepare delectable food, and begin earning. This is the only type of business where you may make money right away, and if your food is popular with clients, you can rapidly become a prosperous business owner.

48. Beauty Parlour / Fashion Boutique

Women in particular are quite self-conscious about how they look. And the beauty sector provides for them. It comprises a variety of aesthetic treatments, although the majority of the requirements are for basic cleanliness. If the beauty salons are located in an area with frequent high traffic levels and offer their services at reasonable prices, they will prosper. The fashion sector is booming and never has a downturn in sales.

Clothing, footwear, and accessory businesses constantly draw inspiration from the latest global and Bollywood fashion trends since they are in high demand from a broad range of consumers. They also sell quite quickly. Therefore, starting a boutique is incredibly opportunistic and, if run effectively, can bring in a lot of money. Therefore, they are both incredibly lucrative enterprises to start, especially for young women who wish to support their families financially.

49. Gardening Business

Growing plants is a part of the gardening industry, and these days, herbs are particularly well-liked. One can find candles, bath products, herbal teas, and medicinal herbs anywhere from little shops to the biggest warehouses. Herbs can be cultivated, grown, and afterwards sold to retail or wholesale consumers.

The main benefit of this business is that it can be started as a hobby from the convenience of one’s home because it only needs a mother mature, which is really back to basic things and healthy for the body and the soul.

Start out small by cultivating the herbs in a sizable backyard or renting reasonably priced land. The margins of profit would be low. To scale the business, one would want a strong foundation in herb cultivation and maintenance. One would need to be well versed in farming methods to operate on big tracts of land.

50. Clean & Green Services

Families whose every member works outside the home and doesn’t have time for basic cleaning benefit greatly from clean and green services. Organize your home, water your plants, etc. Consequently, this line of work is now quickly catching on in major cities. This company has high-profit margins and requires less cash to operate.

You’ll need to get started by organizing and leading a team. Training them is an important undertaking because you’ll need to teach them moral lessons in addition to the technical ones. It will assist in improving the company’s reputation. Additionally, you’ll need effective communication abilities to manage your staff on a daily basis.

51. Jewellery Designing

Wearing genuine, handcrafted jewellery is popular among many individuals. Because each item of handmade jewellery is distinctive and gives the wearer a certain sense of pride and grace, handcrafted jewellery is beautiful.

The following steps are included in jewellery design:

  • Learn to create jewellery.
  • Purchase the necessary toolkit.
  • Try your hand at creating different jewellery designs at home.
  • Make contact with many jewellers and present them with your designs. To prevent them from stealing your idea, try to locate a jeweller who knows you personally.

52. Bouquet and Greeting Card Making

Nothing conveys our feelings more effectively, regardless of the situation than a bunch of flowers and a note! To express our emotions, we can use bouquets in a variety of forms. Flowers are important no matter the occasion or the emotion.

It takes skill to create unique bouquets and cards for various occasions. This business is relatively straightforward and requires minimal capital for those who are talented and passionate about it.

Due to its focus on a certain market niche, it also enjoys high-profit margins. For the highest return on investment, this business can be tied to the wedding planning industry and both can be run concurrently.

53. Accounting and Tax Preparation

Accounting and tax preparation are options if you are good with numbers. You can manage financial records and tax-related difficulties of enterprises and make a good amount of profit with minimal investment if you have a solid knowledge of accounting, taxation, etc. You’ll need access to a computer and the internet, and as you grow, you might need to hire a few staff members.

54. Tattoo Studio

The modern trend is to get tattoos almost everywhere on the body that is visible. Tattoos are more than just imprints; for some people, they serve as a means of expressing their identity and their feelings. You can set up a tattoo studio with some basic prerequisites if you’re passionate about tattoos and want people to acquire them.

a great location, modern tattoo equipment, a clean environment, and lots of imagination. There! You’ve set up your own tattoo parlour. By posting your designs and consumer feedback on social media networks, you may simply reduce the cost of marketing.

55. Insurance Agent

Having a medical plan or health insurance has become crucial in the wake of pandemics. Every person must have some form of insurance because they are essentially short-term future plans. Nowadays, just about anything can be insured. Everything under the insurance umbrella is covered, including health, auto, shop, renters’ insurance, and much more.

By obtaining an insurance agent license, you can choose your area of insurance and begin your business venture. You can sign a contract with an insurance provider or apply to become a sole proprietor. For a lone proprietor, commissions for each policy written can typically range from 12 to 15%, and renewal fees can range from 5% to 10%.

56. Pet Caretaker

This is most likely the finest plan for beginning to make rapid money. Love canines? even cats? You’ve just landed a chance to seize it. Many busy pet owners are guilty of leaving their animals alone at home for a prolonged period of time while they are out on business or vacation. If they are not cared for, pets can develop depression and separation anxiety.

Taking care of animals while their parents are gone is an option if you truly love animals. You may begin by giving them food, bringing them on walks, giving them a wash, etc., and subsequently, build a hostel where you can house more animals.

57. Dropshipping

Dropshipping has emerged as the “go-to” choice for many people who want to launch their own small businesses. With drop shipping, there are three parties involved, with you, the drop shipper, serving as the third. Find a reputable vendor or provider, especially one that is nearby and keeps inventory and storage on hand.

With mutual understanding, you must settle on the commission or profit margin. After that, the drop shipper markets the item on a number of sites and sends orders to the provider. The vendor manages the remainder (packing, logistics, and delivery). Large e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart also allow dropshipping.

58. Bakery

Every community has a hyper-local bakery that assumes responsibility for producing bread and other baked goods. Since they offer the most fundamental elements for a fundamental meal, bakeries have evolved into a category of necessities. Additionally, if you have an aptitude for baking and can successfully remove a cake from the oven without burning it, you might be able to make a living doing this. Cakes are a need, no matter the circumstance.

People will always come up with excuses to eat cake. Well, bakeries also sell bread, biscuits, and other baked goods in addition to cakes. A sight for sore eyes is having a range of healthy freshly baked loaves of bread. The initial cost of setting up a bakery must go toward a suitable location, ovens, and supplies.

59. Hand made Chocolates

Gifts or the one thing you can never go wrong with, chocolates, benefit from the personal touch that comes with being created by hand. To be marketable, handmade chocolates require skill and craftsmanship. There are countless combinations of chocolate that can be tried in different configurations. You can start by expressing your creativity by giving homemade chocolates as gifts, thank you notes at birthday celebrations, or other types of occasions.

60. Honey Manufacturer

In 80% of Nigerian homes, there is a common ingredient called honey. Its therapeutic benefits have been demonstrated to be helpful for treating acid reflux, colds, and coughs, as well as serving as a healthy substitute for sugar.

Honey is one of the most sought-after items in Nigerian families because of how frequently it is used in food and medicine. Therefore, when well organized, beekeeping can be a lucrative enterprise. Additionally, the Nigerian government offers subsidies and loans to beekeeping firms.

If done correctly, the manufacturing of honey can yield enormous profits. Nigeria is one of the major honey exporters, so there is more potential for the business.

61. Food Service

People rarely have the time or patience to prepare their own meals in a fast-paced world like the one we live in. Up until you run out of junk food to eat, eating out and ordering takeout are enjoyable. Tiffin services come to the rescue in this situation. The term “tiffin services” refers to those that deliver regular, homemade meals on a monthly basis.

This business is excellent to launch, especially if you reside close to a business district, college, or hostel. You are able to prepare simple dishes like roti, sabzi, dal, rice, and a few salads. Start by distributing tiffins in your neighbourhood, and then gradually spread the word about it online and offline.

62. Children Play/Adventure Area

Both children and adults enjoy play and adventure areas. As they are enjoyable and stress relieving, playgrounds and parks are constantly crowded. You could hire a small space and decorate it imaginatively to start with a children’s play area. Include some puzzles, comic books, slides, swings, and see saws. You could create areas for mini football and other sports.

There are no boundaries to adventure, so this business could go as high as you want it to. In order to keep your customers coming back for more, you could also rent some of the games and books.

63. Baby Crèche

Many women who work in corporate settings are looking for a crèche for their young children. Cheques have been established inside some offices on their own initiative. But most businesses are not like that.

It is never easy for new mothers to balance work and motherhood. If you enjoy caring for children, you might start a baby daycare with the aid of several other women. All you require are cradles, diapers, baby food, and a good, open floor. ‌

64. Custom Gift Store

There are many shops that sell unique gifts made by various small artists for various occasions. Custom-made gifts created by you or someone else could be displayed in your store if you have a rental shop ready. As your business grows, you may hire workers and allow customers to customize their own products. Examples of custom gifts include handmade cards, embroidered items, pictorial gifts, etc.

65. Antique Shop

Homeowners in urban and suburban areas are constantly looking for something special to make their homes feel like their own. Antiques are priceless because they are pieces of the past. Given that Nigeria has such a rich cultural heritage, it can never run out of antiques, making this one of the best low-investment business ideas.

You can begin by visiting popular tourist destinations, collecting antiques, and reselling them among your friends. You might import or even export goods to foreign buyers as your business grows.

66. Tourist Guide

If you reside in a location that frequently hosts visitors, you might take advantage of this chance to show them about. But a tour operator must first be a traveler. He or she should be driven to see the world and see new areas. You must take on the role of the adventurer.

Learn about popular tourist destinations, shopping areas, dining alternatives, and other tourist friendly locations. If you enjoy traveling, this job might be for you. On YouTube and other sites, you might blog and vlog about your experiences. ‌‌‌‌‌‌

67. Organic Farming

The majority of urban dwellers are changing their diets to include more organic foods. Organic foods are widely desired because they lack pesticides and are full of minerals and antioxidants. You can start organic farming if you have extra agricultural land or enough space nearby.

Many technical specialists offer free advice on farming, or you can pay someone to farm your land. Foods that are organic are expanding exponentially, and there will soon be a significant market for them.

68. Career Counselling

This one may call for a legitimate degree and a great deal of experience. One of the most innovative industries in the educational sector nowadays is career counselling. The use of career counselling aids people in making professional decisions based on their interests, aptitudes, and learned or natural capabilities.

The demand for career advisory services will increase significantly, thus now is the ideal moment to launch your firm.

69. Aquarium Store

You may find fish tanks and other kinds of fish in aquarium supply stores. You must make investments in fish pairs, fish tanks, oxygen sets, etc. to open an aquarium shop. These days, fish tanks are frequently built up differently at aquarium stores depending on the size and needs of the customer. Additionally, you can provide tank-related supplies like fish food.

70. Photo Studio

There are many different areas of photography where you can apply your skills if you’re skilled at them. Pre-wedding, wedding, maternity, and commercial photoshoots for ad campaigns are a few examples. Pick a speciality, purchase a good camera, and start shooting.

71. Selling Photos

Finding photos on bookmark sites like Photobucket and ShutterStock is significant because premium photos may be purchased for a lot of money online.

Such websites need you to upload images, and when users buy them through these channels, you will be compensated at the agreed-upon amount. You don’t need to make a big investment to start this business.

You are ready to go if your smartphone’s camera is of high quality. However, you must make sure that the images you post are of a high calibre. If not, since those images will be used on a website and other internet platforms, you won’t be able to profit from selling photos online.

72. Professional Reviewer

Many businesses frequently want their products tested and need insightful feedback. These businesses choose individuals and provide them with free products for reviews. If you can convince businesses to hire you, you can work as a professional reviewer. These reviews should be posted on an active blog or YouTube channel because they reach a large audience. Make sure you have the information and experience necessary to discuss the product. ‌‌

73. Investing in Low-Cost Franchises

Conglomerates use franchises as a tactic to spread their operations throughout states and localities. Companies offer to set up reasonable margins and charges for the stock that will be sold. Start by investigating a good-performing product or service that has room to grow in the future. Invest in the franchise’s beginnings, strive to market the offering, and watch as the business expands.

74. Stockbroker/Mutual Funds Agent

Market risks might affect mutual funds. They are, however, a fantastic way to invest for the long term, the short term, or any particular aims. Due to the buzz on social media, salaried individuals and business owners are interested in mutual funds and stock markets. However, the majority of them lack training and expertise.

If you have extensive stock market knowledge, you might become certified through a reputable course and launch your own stockbroking business.

Customers come to you to use your knowledge and invest their money in the appropriate solutions when they wish to invest in mutual funds or shares. For managing their accounts, as well as gains made in the stock market and premiums paid in the case of mutual fund plans, you might charge them a commission.

75. Virtual Assistant Service

A virtual help service job is a remote position where an individual contracts with a business to provide support with routine chores. This is a remote position that can be carried out remotely or from a home office.

Typically, it requires having management and administration skills on social media or having the ability to organize, make calls, set up meetings, and arrange trips. You can choose from a wide range of possibilities or improve your skill set to land a job with prestigious organizations.

76. POS Business

This list cannot be complete without mentioning the most common, lucrative business idea that any age bracket can start with little to zero investment in Nigeria. The POS business can turn out to be highly profitable if you can create and manage different agent point of sales terminals across your locality.


This is a comprehensive list of low investment, high-profit business ideas in Nigeria. We hope the list above will assist you in making a thoughtful choice. As we learn more about the sector, we will undoubtedly update this list.

Which business is most profitable in Nigeria with low investment?

Some of the most profitable business ideas in Nigeria with low investment are:
Writing services
Gardening services
Website designing and development services
Driving services (including driving training)
Marketing services
Coaching services
Food/Catering services
Fitness &gymn centres
Photo/video services
Makeup services

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