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Business Analyst Career Paths 2023

Business analysts play an important part in helping companies be the best they can be. In this age of pandemics, political uncertainty, intense competition, and rapidly advancing technology, companies that want to stay ahead turn to business analysts.

Every advantage counts; a good business analyst could mean the difference between excellence and mediocrity.

Do you want to know if a business analyst is the right career choice for you?

Let’s begin by exploring:

  • What is business analysis?
  • Who is a Business Analyst?
  • Is Business Analyst a Good Career?
  • Why are business analysts important?
  • High-Paying Jobs in Business Analysis

What is Business analysis?

Business analysis is the process of investigating, determining, and suggesting solutions to business needs. Whether they are government, for-profit, or not-for-profit businesses, a variety of diverse organizations use this study discipline to manage and encourage change.

Organizational transformation, policy development, program needs, strategic planning, process improvements, technology and system enhancements—all fall under the purview of business analysis.

Who is a Business Analyst?

Business analysts study a company’s processes, operating procedures, and large data sets to find ways to enhance an organization’s operational efficiency while achieving better performance. Although business analysts are also known as management analysts, please don’t confuse them with data analysts.

Business analysts work with management to reduce costs, eliminate, or reduce inefficiencies, and boost the company’s competitiveness in the modern business world. They use their analytical skills to understand and apply data-focused strategies best suited to increase a company’s bottom line

Is Business Analyst a Good Career?

To best answer that question, let’s look at what the position entails to ascertain the best business analyst career path. A business analyst:

  • Works with the company to identify improvement opportunities in business operations and processes
  • Helps with the design or modification of existing business systems and IT systems
  • Interacts with business stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) to better understand their needs and problems
  • Gathers, documents, and analyzes the company’s needs and requirements
  • Resolves business problems and designs technical solutions
  • Documents the functional and technical designs of the company’s systems
  • Collaborates with system architects and developers to make sure that the system is properly implemented

We live, work, and play in a society where data is everywhere. Large data sets contain information essential for making reliable, data-driven business decisions. Companies that want that extra competitive advantage need someone to collect, analyze, and apply data sets in constructive ways.

That is what the business analyst does. The business analyst functions as an in-house liaison that collects, manages and distributes relevant data between departments.

We find business analysts in all kinds of industries, including businesses of all types, government agencies, and nonprofits. While any industry can benefit from business analyst expertise, management consulting firms and IT-related firms make up the largest share. Companies that specialize in accounting, finance, investment banking, and market research also offer significant opportunities for business analysts.

Summing it up, data is the currency the commercial sector uses to buy success. Business analysts work with data and the in-house departments, making intelligent, informed, data-driven decisions that will boost profits and strengthen the company. Any business that wants to succeed today should either hire a third-party business analyst as a consultant or recruit one for an in-house position. The enormous amount of business data businesses collect each day is what makes a business analyst career path a good one. 

High-Paying Jobs in Business Analysis

Before you get moving on your business analyst career path, you need to do the prep work. You need either a good business background or solid knowledge of information technology. Most entry-level business analyst positions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, usually in accounting, finance, management, or IT.

These are the 6 most in-demand business analyst career paths:

  • Data Business Analyst
  • Data Analysis Scientist
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Business Analyst Manager
  • IT Business Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst

Data Business Analyst

These analysts work with large data sets to identify trends, develop charts, and create visual presentations to aid in business-making decisions. The national average salary for a Business Data Analyst is $78,046 per year in the United States

Data Analysis Scientist

This career path is extremely challenging since data analyst scientists must extract meaning from collected data, interpret it, and use it to create actionable insights. You need to be familiar with machine learning and statistics to be effective in this position.

Information Security Analyst

Cybercrime is a hot topic, and cyber security professionals are in huge demand. Information security analysts protect organizations from cybercriminals by interpreting security data and monitoring IT networks and systems. If you’re interested in ethical hacking, you’ll like this position, as it usually entails finding weaknesses in systems and eliminating them.

Business Analyst Manager

These managers recruit and hire business analyst team members, oversee new hire training, define best practices, and execute organizational goals.

The salaries of Business Analyst Managers in the US range from $41,974 to $170,000, with a median salary of $116,811

The average salary for an Information Security Analyst is $73,905 per year.

IT Business Analyst

This role requires working on multiple projects and operating systems while simultaneously developing more substantial business process roles. This career is a good fit for people who love crunching numbers.

The national average salary for an IT Business Analyst is $77,389 per year in the United States.

Quantitative Analyst

This specialist creates, implements, and presents mathematical models supporting financial decisions that affect risk management, investments, and pricing structures.

The average salary for a quantitative analyst is $150,487 per year in the United States.

Skills Required to Succeed as a business analyst

The journey on your preferred business analyst career path will be smoother if you have the following qualities and skills:

  • Being a good listener and communicator
  • Willing to consider and adapt to changes
  • Being able to multitask effectively
  • Knowing how to prioritize, based on multiple stakeholders’ needs
  • Being a good negotiator who can get timely buy-ins on crucial decisions from stakeholders
  • Identifying opportunities to improve processes which could lead to efficiency and output improvements
  • Working as part of a team, including collaborating with individuals and groups outside of the team


In addition to being technically adept and analytically minded, successful business analysts also have a few other traits in common. They must be good listeners and communicators, have outstanding time management talents, and be able to solve problems.

As you’ll have highly desirable qualities and skills that many organizations are seeking for to help their company flourish, moving into a business analyst career is quite rewarding. As a result, business analysts frequently get fantastic wages.

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