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Top Investment Opportunities for Nigerians

The simplest investment opportunity is probably already familiar to you – a savings account. By just having money in the account you earn interest. However, it’s probably not much—just a few bucks per month. Undoubtedly, there are bigger and better investment prospects for you to consider and we will be sharing that in this article…

List of the Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

1. Investments in the Banking Sector

In Nigeria, it is basically difficult to talk about investment prospects without mentioning bank savings. To promote dependability, each bank may offer a platform for customer savings or investments.

So, if you want to increase your money, you can think about investing in banks. Some of these institutions provide yearly interest rates of between 10% and 15%.

2. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (digital currency) Investment Opportunities

One of Nigeria’s biggest and riskiest investment options is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is influencing financial technologies and online transactions outside of Nigeria.

When you have spare money, investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and the rest can be lucrative.

It’s one thing to understand how cryptocurrencies operate, however, it is advised that you speak with an expert before investing in cryptocurrency.

The stock market is a well-known player in the volatility game, but cryptocurrency prevails. Millions of people worldwide have benefited from the volatile nature of this business by investing in cryptocurrency, which is one of the most lucrative investment options in Nigeria.

Over the past five years, cryptocurrencies have helped numerous regular people become millionaires.

For instance, in 2011 cryptocurrency trader Erik Finman put $1,000 into Bitcoin. His Bitcoin holding is currently worth more than $4.8 million.

The king of cryptocurrencies, 1 Bitcoin, cost less than $0.01 in 2009. At that point, you would have 1,000 Bitcoins if you had bought $10’s worth of Bitcoin.

At the time of writing, the price of one Bitcoin is $45,000. Therefore, if you were one of the fortunate individuals who purchased thousands of Bitcoin when it was just worth a pack of cheese, you would currently have $45 million in your bank account.

If you have the funds available, you can invest in cryptocurrencies in Nigeria by following a simple process. You sign up for a wallet on cryptocurrency trading apps or platforms, confirm your registration, and then purchase cryptocurrencies as their prices drop.

You sell when prices rise and pocket the profit. You may invest in a number of cryptocurrency trading sites in Nigeria.

Binance and BlockChain are the top cryptocurrency trading and investing platforms. However, because Binance offers more trading features, choices, and flexibility, I advise using it.

3. Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Some of the richest persons in history have invested heavily in real estate. This is due to the necessity of accommodations being fundamental to human survival.

Real estate is a lucrative venture that Nigeria has not yet completely tapped into. Therefore, the real estate investment opportunity is one for you if you’re seeking profitable ideas and investment ideas in Nigeria to put your money.

Purchasing homes, and then selling them for more money is a popular real estate investment option. However, there are other real estate activities you can engage in besides purchasing properties. Building homes and renting them out to people who will pay a set amount each year for housing is an alternative to consider.

Stores, hostels, event venues, and other structures with various uses can also be constructed. Buying land and selling it twice or three times the original cost is another option.

Real estate investments yield excellent profits, particularly in the commercial regions of the nation. Additionally, you might look into some Nigerian real estate investing opportunities.

4. Investments in Agriculture and Livestock

The development and growth of the Nigerian economy depend heavily on the agricultural sector. In fact, if you thought this was the best investment in Nigeria, you wouldn’t be too far off.

Investors are drawn to the business because the government is actively trying to revive it in an effort to diversify.

If direct farming is not your thing, you might invest in a business that produces money from raising cattle. You might also look into various Nigerian farming investments.

Before the oil boom, Nigeria’s first passion was the agricultural industry. The exchange and trade of agricultural goods was the foundation of Nigeria’s prosperous economy.

For investors wishing to invest in Nigeria, agriculture continues to be a very profitable business opportunity. In Nigeria, nearly every type of food crop may be grown due to the country’s fertile land.

So, if you’re seeking options with low risk and high revenue investment opportunities, agriculture is absolutely one you should consider.

Farmers and food traders earn handsomely year after year. You don’t have to be a farmer in Nigeria to invest in agriculture, so your narrative can follow a similar path.

5. Stocks and Bond Investments Opportunities

Bond investing offers an alternative viewpoint to private and commercial businesses. The Federal Government is also in charge of providing Nigerians with investment opportunities. In essence, FGN Bonds typically have interest rates as juicy as 13%, making them a relative better alternative than private investments.

One of the most lucrative investment options in Nigeria is stock investing. In the online stock market, investors can choose to buy and sell shares in publicly traded companies.

Due to the fact that these businesses are publicly listed, anyone can make an investment and become a shareholder. The Nigerian Stock Exchange is the preferred venue for trading or stock investments in Nigeria.

6. Investment in Education

One of the best investment prospects in Nigeria right now is education. A quick increase in profit turnover is possible when investing in education.

Currently, several unnamed billionaires in Nigeria have unrivalled influence in the field of education.

As an investor, you primarily have two choices. The first option is to start a traditional private school, and the second is to start a tutoring facility.

These two investments have the power to change your financial situation. Aside from enhancing your own life, investing in education can also benefit the economy and the lives of millions of people.

7. Investing in Food 

Without providing our bodies with the essential nutrition they require, we cannot survive or flourish. Food investing is one of the most profitable investment options in Nigeria and throughout the world because it is an irrefutable reality.

You can start a manufacturing business, open a large (or neighbourhood) restaurant, or even go into the production and bottling of beverages in order to understand the lucrative aspects of the food sector.

8. Investing in Gold

Top among the materials we get from the depths of nature is gold. It’s strong, has unmatchable looks, and is the royals’ preferred cosmetic product.

Given that gold’s price and value are continually rising, investing in it is generally a wise decision. You can purchase jewellery made of actual gold and store it away for future use.

Another choice is to purchase shares of digital gold on the stock exchange and hold onto your asset there until the money starts rolling in. In either case, you’ll be making huge gains from Gold’s potential as a valuable financial asset.

9. Investing in Technology

Want to make a significant investment? One area to seek is the tech sector. The biggest names in technology today are billionaires. And one of the best investment options to consider in Nigeria is undoubtedly the tech sector.

You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank if you can find a solution to a societal issue. Here are a few examples…

  • Facebook made it possible to connect with people across distances, Mark now has a net worth just shy of $130 billion.
  • GoDaddy, a web hosting company, was started by Bob Parsons ($3.4B). The digital payment gateway Stripe was founded by Patrick and John Collison, whose combined net worth is $9.5 billion as of this writing.
  • Think of Paystack too which was bought for $200 million. The stakeholders in Paystack investment are now founders of different tech-driven companies.

The fact is that investing in technology is still one of the most lucrative business prospects in Nigeria. You can invest in developing APIs that solve real-life problems, plugins or Apps for WordPress or Shopify and the rest.

10. Promotion and advertising

If you open a business today, you’ll want as many people as possible to use your products and services. Many thousands of companies, both new and seasoned, sing the same tune.

They aim to expand their audience and document a notable increase in performance. The disadvantage is that most of these companies don’t know how to market their goods or services effectively, which presents a chance for investors.

If you invest in the promotion/advert industry, you will establish enterprises with the primary objective of managing the advertising and promotional efforts of these companies. In the long term, you’ll make more money and provide satisfying services to clients who own businesses.

11. Foreign currency

Investors in Nigeria have an incredible investment opportunity in foreign exchange or Forex.

Learn about the risk management aspect of the investment before investing in Forex as an investor, and place your money with reputable and reliable Forex investment companies.

You don’t want to be informed by phone when you wake up one morning that all of your investment has been lost overnight.

And if you want to start trading or investing in foreign exchange yourself, study (candlestick patterns, price actions, indicators, etc.).

Equip yourself with a level of skill and a variety of investment strategies that, in 99% of cases, will provide multifold profits.

The foreign exchange market, however, is a volatile one. This indicates that your chances of winning and losing are equally likely.

However, given that it is advised to invest rather than trade forex, it is one of the greatest leveraged investment options in Nigeria.

12. Hire-Buy

It’s as easy as buying assets and getting paid when customers use them. There are various hire buy investing options.

You are not restricted to only acquiring one primary/single asset; you are free to purchase several assets and make them available for hire.

You may buy a car, musical instruments, and event equipment (such as tents, tables, seats, and curtains) and get paid when potential customers use them.

Investment in hire purchase is simple; you only need to provide the initial funding and management.

13. E-commerce

One of the most intriguing investment prospects in Nigeria is the e-commerce sector.

In 2016, Jumia became the continent’s first unicorn valued at over 1 billion USD, an e-commerce platform that rules the Nigerian digital economy.

Investors now have a huge opportunity to close the gap with Jumia, Konga, and a few more companies that generate millions, if not billions, in revenue.

14. Oil and Gas

One of the industries in which Nigerian billionaire investors operate is undoubtedly oil and gas. The industry is successful and provides a welcoming environment for new investors.

It’s a game for billionaires, and to recover investments and win the confidence of those you do business with, you’ll need a long network of connections.

15. Mining

Setting up a mining business to mine coal, metal ore, and nonmetallic minerals is still a lucrative investment option in Nigeria today. You might also invest in setting up a business that deals in or sell minerals.

16. Entertainment 

The entertainment business in Nigeria is a fruitful area for willing and talented investors, whether they are investing to establish a film company, TV program (like BBNaija), a music label, or a cinema.

Any aspect of entertainment can be funded, and comedy and music performances can even receive season-long sponsorship.

Whatever you intend to undertake with regard to entertainment as an investment opportunity will quickly succeed in a short period of time.

Many years ago, the entertainment industry changed significantly. You’ll be fortunate to be an investment in entertainment in a few years because it’s more well-known than before.

17. Medical/Health

The amount spent on healthcare globally increased to $8.45 trillion in 2018. And in 2022, this amount will undoubtedly surpass $10 trillion.

The returns on investments in one’s health and in one’s life are dazzling. There aren’t many well-known healthcare facilities in Nigeria that are known for their exceptional medical care.

As an investor, you may open a large pharmacy, a hospital, or a clinic or healthcare facility. Whichever one you choose, the services are very pricey, and you’re more likely to generate a fortune that will more than offset your yearly expenses.


Undoubtedly, Nigeria offers a wide range of investment prospects. Basically, some of these are the transportation, logistics, and oil and gas industries, among others.

The location could become important right before you make the big move. This might become a sticking point when trying to secure the greatest investment in Nigeria.

Overall, before making resolutions, make sure to carefully consider your investment opportunity and possibilities.

You can choose from this list of the profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria and get started investing right away, regardless of whether you have a large sum of money to close your business deals or just a few thousand Naira to spare.

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