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How Much is a Washing Machine (Front Loading & Top Loading)? 

Before now, Haier Thermocool, and LG used to be the only brands making washing machines. But that has changed. A Lot of brands have joined the bandwagon, making the prices go down a little bit and more demands than ever.

If you are asking how much a washing machine is, or you want to know some of the best washing machines by brand, we have created this page for your advantage – to answer some of the questions you might have regarding washing machines.

Note: these prices were as of Jan. 2022 updated and price ranges are based on the price of the Jumia washing machine price list and the Jiji washing machine – the two major selling platforms in Nigeria.

  • LG washing machine
  • Hisense washing machine
  • Samsung Washing Machine
  • Haier Thermocool washing machine
  • Binatone washing machine
  • Polystar washing machine
  • Century washing machine
  • Qasa washing machine
  • AKAI washing machine
  • Aeon washing machine
  • Scanfrost washing machine
  • Skyrun washing machine
How much is a washing machine (front loading & top loading)?   - ng job alerts

Different Washing Machine Types and What to Look Out for When Buying Washing Machine

1. Front Load Washing Machine

A front-load washing machine comes with two different specifications, either with or without a dryer function. The 2-in-1 function of the washer-dryer is a great option for those looking to save time.

2. Top Load Washing Machine

There are two primary specifications of a top load washing machine: 

  1. Fully auto: The cleaning process of a full auto washer requires the least human effort as you only need to press a button to do your laundry.
  2. Semi-auto (twin tub) washer: requires some manual input when doing laundry. It contains twin tubs. One tub is for washing, and another one is for drying.

3. Washing performance

The washing machine’s tub or drum designed with stainless steel has a better washing performance than the plastic or enamel ones. Stainless steel tubs and drums are durable can resist corrosion, and withstand more heat. They typically have higher spin speeds than plastic or enamel ones. 

Thus, the stainless tubs and drums are more energy-efficient, have a higher spin speed and could remove more water faster from clothes.

4. Sizes and capacity

The capacity (kg) depends on the size of the washing tub. The larger sizes are suitable for families with children who do several loads daily. 

On the other hand, smaller capacity could be economical as it uses less water and energy. Suitable for singles and couples.

Capacity recommendation

7-8 kg suitable for a household of 1-2 person

9-10kg washing machine ideal for 3-4 person

an 11-14kg washer fits better for a household of more than 4 people.

5. Energy and water-saving

Front-load washing machines equipped with an inverter have been proven to be a strong power saver and use less water without compromising washing performance.

6. Design

A Washing machine with a cool and stunning design that matches your house’s interior decoration might be what you want to consider.

List of the Best Washing Machines in Nigeria and Their Prices

Washing Machines ListPrice
Samsung Washing Machine Top Load₦470,000
LG Twin Tub Washing Machine 7KG₦79,500
AKAI 7.0kg Twin Tub Washing Machine With Spin₦83,000
Binatone Semi-Automatic 7KG Washing Machine₦45,000
Hisense Full Automatic Smart Washing Machine 13KG With Fuzzy Logic₦250,000
Century Washing Machine 7.8kg Single Tub With Overload Protection₦70,000
Polystar Twin Tub Washing Machine₦65,000
Haier Thermocool Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 6kg Wash 4.5kg Spin₦65,000
Binatone Twin Tub Washing Machine 7kg Wash + 5kg Spin₦68,000
Qasa 5kg Washing Machine -with Extra 3.8kg Spinning Capacity₦85,000
Scanfrost Wash And Dry Combo 8kg Washer + 6kg Dryer (Fully Automatic )₦259,000
Qasa 8.8kg Double Tub Washing Machine (5kg Wash, 3.8kg Spin)₦88,000
LG Front Load Automatic Washing Machine 6KG₦185,000
SAMSUNG Washing Machine Front Load 8KG₦265,000
Haier Thermocool Automatic Front Loader Washing Machine 10.2Kg₦330,000
Aeon 10kg Twin Tub Top Load Washing Machine₦100,000
Skyrun 7kg Twin Tub Semi-automatic Washing Machine₦90,000

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Haier Thermo Cool Washing Price In Nigeria (Front Loader And Top Loader)

How much is a washing machine (front loading & top loading)?   - ng job alerts
Haier Thermocool Washing Machine and Dryers in NigeriaMin PriceMax Price
Haier Thermocool 7kg Top Load Automatic Washing Machine₦140,000₦150,000
Haier Thermocool Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine₦57,000₦68,000
Haier Thermocool 11KG Top Load Automatic Washing Machine₦300,000₦350,000
Haier Thermocool 6KG Mini Top Load Washing Machine₦250,000₦300,000
Haier Thermocool 8.5Kg Front Load Automatic Washing Machine₦265,000₦290,000
Haier Thermocool Top Load Washing Machine₦60,000₦70,000
Haier Thermocool 10.2Kg Automatic Front Loader Washing Machine₦300,000₦390,000

LG Washing Machines Price List in Nigeria (Front Loader And Top Loader)

How much is a washing machine (front loading & top loading)?   - ng job alerts
LG Washing Machine and Dryers in NigeriaMin PriceMax Price
LG Twin Tub Washing Machine – 7Kg₦69,000₦80,000
LG 7.5kg Automatic Front Loader Washing Machine₦300,000₦400,000
LG 8kg WM 950 Twin Tub Top Loader Washing Machine₦100,000₦130,000
LG WM 961 RDNL 8KG Top Load Twin Tub Manual Washing Machine₦140,000₦150,000
LG Front Loader 6 Kg Automatic Washing Machine₦190,000₦210,000
LG 6.5Kg Smart Inverter Front Loader Automatic Washing Machine₦190,000₦200,000
LG Top Loader Washing Machine Automatic 12KG₦250,000₦280,000

Hisense Washing Machines Price List in Nigeria

Hisense Washing Machine and Dryers in NigeriaMin PriceMax Price
Hisense 5kg Washing Machine₦50,000₦70,000
Hisense 13KG Full Automatic Smart Washing Machine With Fuzzy Logic₦157,000₦170,000
Hisense 6KG Automatic Front Load Washing Machine₦112,000₦130,000
Hisense 10kg Washing Machine Top Loader₦120,000₦130,000
Hisense 16KG Washing Machine Top Loader Full Automatic₦230,000₦250,000
Hisense 7.2kg Washing Machine Top Loader₦70,000₦85,000
Hisense 8kg Top Loader Automatic Washing Machine₦100,000₦110,000

Scanfrost Washing Machines Price List in Nigeria

How much is a washing machine (front loading & top loading)?   - ng job alerts
Scanfrost Washing Machine and Dryers in NigeriaMin PriceMax Price
Scanfrost 6.8kg Twin Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine₦65,000₦80,000
Nexus 4.5KG SINGLE TUB WASHING MACHINE₦40,000₦45,000
Scanfrost Semi-Auto Twin Tub Washing Machine – Washer + Dryer – 6.5kg₦120,000₦130,000
Scanfrost 6kg -Twin Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine₦67,000₦80,000
Scanfrost Front Loader Automatic Washing Machine 7KG₦155,000₦185,000
Scanfrost 8kg Twin Tub Washing Machine Top Loader₦90,000₦110,000
Scanfrost Wash And Dry Combo – 8kg Washer + 6kg Dryer (Fully Automatic)₦250,000₦265,000

Binatone Washing Machine Price in Nigeria

Binatone Washing Machine and Dryers in NigeriaMin PriceMax Price
Binatone Semi-Automatic 7kg Washing Machine₦70,000₦75,000
Binatone 7kg Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine₦125,000₦145,000
Binatone 4.6Kg Single Tub Washing Machine₦50,000₦65,000
Binatone Twin Tub Washing Machine 7kg Wash 5kg Spin₦60,000₦70,000

Note: These prices are subject to change in the market. Prices of commodities are not stable in the Nigerian market, but we will keep this page updated whenever we notice changes in the prices of the washing machines.

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