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How Much Do Pharmacists Make In the United States?

Pharmacists are healthcare professionals or medication experts who prescribe medications to people by following physicians’ or doctors’ prescriptions. They play a critical role in helping people get the best results from their medications by offering expertise in the safe use of prescription and non-prescription medications, ensuring medicines and doses are correct, preventing harmful drug interactions, advice on drug selection, and counselling patients on the safe and appropriate use of their medications.

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Top of the responsibility of Pharmacists is supervising drug production and ensuring that manufactured drugs meet the requirements as specified in the official compendium and conventional requirements before they are supplied to patients from drug manufacturers. They also oversee and supervise the drug supply chain and ensure that the supply of drugs is within the law.

How Much Money Do Pharmacists Make?

According to, the national average yearly wage of a pharmacist in the United States is $136,088. Although this average value usually varies from state to state in the US, depending on not just location but education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years spent in the profession, the range typically falls between $128,232 and $144,946.

How much do pharmacists make in the united states? - ng job alerts

Generally speaking, even the lower end of a pharmaceutical expert’s salary is still much higher than the median annual salary for all occupations, which according to salary explorers, is put at $92,900.

Employment of pharmacists, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, is projected to show little or no change, with only about 100 pharmacist jobs being lost from 2018 to 2028.

According to BLS, the health care and personal care stores industry has the highest employment rate in the pharmaceutical industry, with a value of about 14%. See the table below.

Industries with the highest concentration of employment in Pharmacists:

IndustryEmploymentPer cent of industry employmentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Health and Personal Care Stores135,07013.99$ 59.07$ 122,860
Merchant Wholesalers, Nondurable Goods (4242 and 4246 only)7,4701.99$ 59.84$ 124,470
Speciality (except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Hospitals3,9901.49$ 60.74$ 126,330
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals78,9401.41$ 61.69$ 128,310
Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order Houses4,7901.16$ 62.01$ 128,990

How much do pharmacists make in the united states? - ng job alerts

States with the highest employment level in Pharmacists:

StateEmployment Employment per thousand jobsLocation quotient Hourly mean wageAnnual mean wage 
California32,5201.980.87$ 70.22$ 146,070
Texas23,1501.910.84$ 60.32$ 125,470
Florida20,2002.391.05$ 58.32$ 121,310
New York19,4602.240.99$ 58.24$ 121,150
Pennsylvania14,9002.701.19$ 58.28$ 121,230

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However, data from shows a very little deviation from that of BLS’s Annual Mean Wages and below, we have listed the:

  1. Top 10 highest paying states for pharmacists in the United States
  2. 10 states with the least salary in the United States for pharmaceuticals
  3. The average pharmacist salary in each U.S. state as of May 28, 2020.

BLS reported an annual mean wage of $146,070 against $152,011 for California. These differences are common in data analysis and are mostly due to the mode of collection and available data collected for analysis. Again, this gives you an idea of what the industry looks like and what to expect.

10 States where pharmacists earn the most money yearly in the US

1. California: $152,011

2. Alaska: $151,493

3. New Jersey: $150,459

4. Massachusetts: $148,064

5. Connecticut: 147,248

6. New York: $146,023

7. Washington: $145,342

8. Rhode Island: $143,437

9. Delaware: $142,893

10. Hawaii: $142,784

10 States where pharmacists earn the least money in the US

Below is a list of states where pharmacists make the least money in the United States:

1. South Dakota: $116,492

2. Mississippi: $118,397

3. West Virginia: $120,574

4. Wyoming: $121,119

5. Montana: $123,364

6. Tennessee: $123,636

7. New Mexico: $124,385

8. Nebraska: $124,793

9. Arkansas: $125,509

10. South Carolina: $127,379

Although you can say that these annual wages are below the yearly national average wage for pharmacists, they’re still considerably higher than the average income for most of the occupations in the US. One thing you should know is that the salary structure of each state in the united state of America is not static and are subject to review. 

Average pharmacist Salary for each state in the US

The average salary data presented below in this table was collected in 2020 to guide and give you an idea of pharmacists’ salaries structures according to each state in the US:

StatesAnnual average Pharmacist salary ($)
Pharmacist salary Alabama127,515
Pharmacist salary Alaska151,493
Pharmacist salary Arizona134,849
Pharmacist salary Arkansas125,509
Pharmacist salary California152,011
Pharmacist salary Colorado135,680
Pharmacist salary Connecticut147,248
Pharmacist salary Delaware142,893
Pharmacist salary Florida129,284
Pharmacist salary Georgia134,616
Pharmacist salary Hawaii142,784
Pharmacist salary Idaho128,443
Pharmacist salary Illinois139,763
Pharmacist salary Indiana132,958
Pharmacist salary Iowa130,236
Pharmacist salary Kansas129,148
Pharmacist salary Kentucky128,059
Pharmacist salary Louisiana130,373
Pharmacist salary Maine131,189
Pharmacist salary Maryland140,315
Pharmacist salary Massachusetts148,064
Pharmacist salary Michigan136,197
Pharmacist salary Minnesota139,218
Pharmacist salary Mississippi118,397
Pharmacist salary Missouri129,692
Pharmacist salary Montana123,364
Pharmacist salary Nebraska124,793
Pharmacist salary Nevada141,055
Pharmacist salary New Hampshire138,130
Pharmacist salary New Jersey150,459
Pharmacist salary New Mexico124,385
Pharmacist salary New York146,023
Pharmacist salary North Carolina129,828
Pharmacist salary North Dakota127,787
Pharmacist salary Ohio132,877
Pharmacist salary Oklahoma127,923
Pharmacist salary Oregon135,544
Pharmacist salary Pennsylvania135,816
Pharmacist salary Rhode Island143,437
Pharmacist salary South Carolina127,379
Pharmacist salary South Dakota116,492
Pharmacist salary Tennessee123,636
Pharmacist salary Texas133,635
Pharmacist salary Utah128,934
Pharmacist salary Vermont131,053
Pharmacist salary Virginia135,272
Pharmacist salary Washington145,342
Pharmacist salary West Virginia120,574
Pharmacist salary Wisconsin134,047
Pharmacist salary Wyoming121,119

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