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Garri Processing Machine: Prices and How to Process Cassava Roots Into Garri

Garri is one of the staple food in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. There is a traditional method of processing Garri, which is tedious, and labour intensive. And because of the energy requirements, it tends to take some time to complete it from the point of harvesting the Cassava roots to finishing.

But thanks to advancements in technology. With modern machines, cassava roots can now be processed faster than they use to be, saving time and labour.

This innovation in agriculture will reduce the rate at which youths migrate to the city and make the youths interested in Cassava processing and Garri production, creating a source of local livelihood opportunities that will enable businesses and households to thrive in their villages rather than be forced to migrate to overcrowded cities.

These modern Garri processing machines are made to function by replacing every step where human labours are involved; thus eliminating the stress and saving time and also helping in preserving farm produces from getting spoilt.

For instance, The cassava peeling machine has replaced the labour work involved in the peeling and washing without the use of the hands.

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The cassava grinding machine usually comes with a 165 diesel engine, 7hp petrol engine, 8hp diesel engine, and 6hp petrol engine.

Garri Processing Machine Prices

Garri Processing MachinePrice (Lower Range)Price (Upper Range)
CI-81 Funnel cake fryer/Garri fryer/Henny penny fryer₦12,000₦22,000
Industrial Garri processing plant machinery Garri fryer₦400,000₦850,000
Kehuida Garri fryer/deep fryer without oil₦34,000₦92,000
Mertone continuous fryer cheap Garri cassava fryer₦391,000₦555,000
Locally Fabricated in Nigeria, Stainless Steel Manual Garri Fryer₦60,000₦120,000
Cassava Garri frying machine for Garri processing plant₦500,000₦1 million
Doing Stainless Steel cassava gari making machine Garri fryer₦1.1 million₦1.3 million
Henan Reliable deep fryer Garri frying machine₦493,000₦1.5 million
Garri Frymaster electric ventless deep fat fryer temperature control deep fryer churro machine and fryer ₦1.5 million₦2.2 million
Food processing machinery industrial processing equipment fryer cassava Garri making machine₦2 million₦4 million
Factory supply cassava processing machinery Garri fryer for Garri making machine₦3 million₦4.5 million

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Garri Processing Machine: How to Process Cassava Roots Into Garri

The following steps explain Garri Processing using machines:

Step #1. Cleaning and Washing Cassava Roots

Cassava roots usually come with the soils and it is important that the roots are washed in clean water so as to ensure that the final product, which is Garri is free of sand or other particles. There are machines to help with the washing after they must have peeled the back away from the root. In the traditional way, the roots are first peeled once removed from the soil and then peel. either way, the soil particles must be removed and thoroughly washed before grating.

Step #2. Peeling Cassava Roots

Peeling involves removing the brown skin layers at the outer part, which protects the inner thick creamy layer.

Garri processing machine: peeling cassava roots

Step #3. Grating Peeled Cassava Roots into Mash

Now, after the outer brown skin layer has been removed, the Cassava creamy roots can begin to go into the grating stage. At the grating processing, ensure these white-creamy roots are clean because once it goes into the grating machine, everything together with the specks of dirt and sand particles will be crunched and mixed together. Simply pour the clean roots while the engine is running to grate the peeled cassava roots into the mash. 

Step #4. Fermenting Mash on the Fermentation Rack

At this stage, the crushing of the cassava tubers after peeling and washing is done. The next step is to collect the cassava slurry into a clean polythene sack and tie it, The cassava slurry must be left in the fermentation rack for one or more days before de-watering. This will allow the milky water to drain freely from the bags.

Step #5. De-watering Mash into Wet Cake Using Hydraulic Press

At step #4, not all the water will leave the sack therefore, there is a need to apply pressure using a hydraulic press. The hydraulic press has jack handles that can be lifted up and down until it becomes hard to move. By repeating this process several times on the bags, all the water will leave the sack leaving behind a firm wet cake.

Step #6. Sifting Wet Cake into Grits

This process involves breaking the wet cake into small pieces (grits) using clean stainless steel to avoid mixing with dirt or particles and most importantly to prevent corrosion. The environment also must be clean and not dusty. This sifting will remove the lumps to obtain uniform size grits. At this stage, the cassava roots are now called Garri (wet coarse Garri).

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Step #7. Roasting Grits (wet coarse Garri) into Garri (Dried Coarse Garri)

Garri processing machines roasting grits (wet coarse garri) into garri (dried coarse garri)
Garri processing machines roasting grits (wet coarse garri) into garri (dried coarse garri)

Using an automated Garri fryer made of stainless steel material and with electricity, natural gas, firewood or charcoal as the heat source, the wet grits (wet coarse Garri) can now be roasted into dried coarse Garri(gari) with low moisture content. 

The final Garri(gari) is usually recognized from the colour of palm oil fortified Garri or non-palm oil fortified Garri and crispy hand feel of particles.

Benefits of Gari frying machine:

1. Advanced and reliable cassava frying into pure coarse Garri.

2. Energy-saving, water-saving, labour-saving and little pollution.

3. Using fully stainless steel machines ensure no corrosion.

4. Advanced surface treatment craft. 

5. Oil and dirty resisting.

Step #8. Milling Coarse Garri into Fine Garri(Gari)

The last stage is the milling of the dried coarse Garri into fine Garri(gari) with the uniform size, then pouring the fine Garri into a plastic lining inside a woven polythene sack. Although once the roasting is done, the staple food (Garri) is made, you can decide to mill it into finer Garri.

Finally, we have our Garri out of the cassava roots after harvest. Using modern technology ensures farm produce preservation and maximum use and preventing wastages. Having this business in the villages, can serve as a job opportunity and reduce unemployment and over congestion in the cities.

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