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Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria that are Offline or Home-Based

We decided to write an in-depth list of profitable daily income businesses that can consistently bring food to your table daily while still having enough to save for the future.

If you are new to the business world and lack large capital or resources, you might want to consider starting some of these businesses. Most of these daily income businesses will be a good option if you’re a novice seeking a successful business in Nigeria.

This is because these daily income businesses do not need much startup money and are lucrative to venture into. Anyone you opted for today can guarantee you profits every day inasmuch your business is open daily.

The ability to decide one’s fate, particularly in a new business, is made feasible by daily income businesses in Nigeria, allowing you to control your daily cash flow, and plan and grow your business.

Top 19 Daily Income (Offline) Business Ideas in Abuja, Lagos & Across Nigeria

You don’t need to look any farther if you’ve been looking for a daily or start-up business in Nigeria that would turn you into a businessman that other people look up to.

We have covered a successful list of online businesses that generate high revenues, and we recommend that you check that out here: Online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria.

Below is the list of offline business ideas you should consider starting today:

1. Transportation Service

Image: transport service is an example of daily income (an offline) business ideas in major cities across nigeria such as abuja, lagos portharcourt, ibadan and the rest.

Transport services are without a doubt one of the most profitable industries one can imagine. The side attraction of most people to this business is that they feel confident that it will provide them with daily incomes.

You can start this business once you have secured your mode of transportation, which may be a cab, bus, tricycle, or even a motorcycle.

One aspect of the transportation industry is that it receives a lot of disregard from the general public, who mistakenly believe it to be a business for the underprivileged or the illiterate. This industry has changed many people’s lives, including some college graduates. Consequently, it has always been a reliable and well-known source of daily revenue in Nigeria, as there is no single day that people will not commute to work.

You should always be aware that some startup businesses are always a way to raise more capital for an upgraded business; as a result, someone who works in the transportation industry may not be planning to remain there permanently, as they can always switch to their dream business once they have enough money to start it.

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I am aware of a graduate working as an Okada man. And since he was unemployed and lacked the funds to start a real business, he started riding a motorcycle and raised funds to begin his electronics company, where he now makes money without riding Okada again.

2. Car Wash Business

Image: car washing is an example of daily income business ideas in nigeria that requires little investment. Its one of the untapped business ideas in nigeria that generate lucrative income

Another daily income venture in Nigeria that doesn’t appear to need a lot of initial money as capital is this car washing business. If you can find a place close to water, your daily income should start rolling in.

One intriguing aspect of this business is that once established; you can earn money every day without making any purchases, especially if you’re using free or natural water that you don’t have to pay for; the only thing you will need is detergent.

Location is crucial in the car washing business. And your profit depends on this. A largely populated area with many automobiles or car owners is an excellent place to start.

3. Barber salon business

Image showing: barbing salon as an example of daily income business ideas in nigeria that requires little investment. Its one of the untapped business ideas in nigeria that generate a lucrative income

Another profitable industry that will consistently generate daily income for you is the salon Business.

If you are a skilled barber, you could be astonished at how much you make daily. This line of business takes skills; no one can just walk in and start cutting hair; nevertheless, even if you don’t have the abilities, you can still hire a barber.

Barbing is a lucrative business that can change one’s financial situation, but it is often overlooked.

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4. Football Watching Room

Image showing: barber salon business as an example of daily income business ideas in major cities in nigeria such as lagos, abuja, etc. That requires little investment. Its one of the untapped business ideas in nigeria that generate a lucrative income

Even though anyone can enjoy sports, the number of young people who are ardent followers of sports is staggering. Any business that caters to young people is usually profitable.

You might be shocked to learn that someone might choose to spend the last dollar he has merely to indulge his passion for sports.

More intriguingly, there are now many football clubs, and there must be at least one football game every day. Did you know that particular football enthusiasts can never miss watching a game of football in a day? This demonstrates that the business is a very profitable one.

5. Foodstuff selling business

Image showing: foodstuff selling business as an example of daily income business ideas in nigeria that requires little investment. Its one of the untapped business ideas in nigeria that generate a lucrative income

Selling food items business would be an excellent option when looking for a daily income business to start. It is a highly profitable business that might not cost much money.

Substances that can be eaten or used to create food are referred to as foodstuffs. These could include unprocessed food ingredients and processed food such as uncooked meals like rice, beans, corn, and groundnuts, as well as cooking oils and other components.

Since no one can survive without food, I’d say the food industry is among the most reliable daily income businesses in Nigeria that one could imagine.

Everybody must purchase food to feed their stomachs because everyone eats at least two square meals daily, regardless of how dry their wallet may be.

6. Start a Restaurant Business

Image showing: restaurant business ideas as an example of daily income business ideas in nigeria that requires little investment. Its one of the untapped business ideas in nigeria that generate a lucrative income

Without question, the restaurant business in Nigeria offers a reliable source of daily revenue that can quickly change your financial situation for good.

You should keep an eye out for it if you need a new business because it offers guaranteed daily income.

For customers who eat out of their homes, the business prepares whatever type of food they like. You might choose to concentrate on quick meals, such as making indomie noodles and the rest, or you might elect to mix many different menus, such as rice, beans, fufu, and many others.

The fascinating part is that you can still run this business flawlessly even if you don’t have a shop, even though having a shop for this business is always better and more mature –and exclusively inviting,

If you can secure a desirable location to start a food-selling business, there is no doubt that it will turn your life around for good. 

As a daily source of income in Nigeria, restaurants typically thrive in urban or busy areas with active commercial operations.

While working in the food-selling business might be highly stressful, it will pay off if you’re in a good location.

7. Register as sports betting agent

Owning a sports betting shop would be a fantastic option for anyone looking for a successful daily income venture in Nigeria.

If this business is located near campus or in an area with a large population of young people or football lovers, you might be astonished by the daily revenue it will bring to your table.

Numerous football betting companies pop up almost every day. However, today’s most well-known bookmakers appear to be Bet9ja, Bet King, Naira Bet, 1Bet, Bet Way, and so on.

All you need to do to get started is to register as an agent with one of the betting businesses listed above. You must register as an agent on the Bet9ja website to start a betting business through them. You need a shop, dual-monitor computer sets, a large generator, and other items for your betting business.

8. Phones charging and repairing

We cannot deny the nature of the power supply in Nigeria; in fact, we are aware that in some areas of the country, there is a poor supply of electricity, and there are times that there will be no electricity at all; making phone charging business an option to consider.

You can make money every day by helping people repair their phones. Mobile phones can develop a fault at any time. So, to start a phone repair business, you must invest time in learning how to fix various phone models.

Even though fixing phones requires much technical knowledge, mastering the necessary techniques makes it relatively quick and fun. Anyone can readily learn the abilities, usually in 4 to 6 months.

Another intriguing aspect of the business is that you may not need to spend any money to get your daily income.

9. Running an online café business.

Image showing: running an online café business as an example of daily income business ideas in nigeria that requires little investment. Its one of the untapped business ideas in nigeria that generate a lucrative income

This computer-based business can generate a sizable daily income in Nigeria. You would be doing tasks like photocopying, typing, printing, binding, and more. Get paid for your services.

10. POS business + recharge card

This is one of the lucratively booming businesses in Nigeria that we have covered extensively in our articles: How to start POS business in Nigeria, best POS business in Nigeria, including a comparison of some of the popular POS machines. Click on those links to learn more about starting your own POS business.

The fact that the rich and the poor can’t live without recharging their phones with airtime suggests that the industry is still one of Nigeria’s most lucrative daily revenue businesses.

If you try to start printing the recharge cards yourself, you can grow this business fast.

11. Peanut-making business

Another lucrative offline business idea we have also recently covered is making peanuts to sell it. Our list of daily income businesses would not be complete without this business because there are testimonies of people who have managed to escape poverty with this business idea we are introducing to you today.

12. Laundry business

Another profitable daily income venture in Nigeria that doesn’t need much startup capital is laundry/dry-cleaning services.

It entails washing and ironing others’ clothes while compensating for your labour. You only need a shop and a generator to get this business off the ground, and your daily money will keep rolling in.

13. Liquid soap manufacturing

For one reason or another, liquid soap is preferred by many households today over detergents while doing the laundry.

You can start earning money regularly by making and supplying liquid soap to households that might want it.

14. Photography business

Another promising daily income venture in Nigeria that would continuously put money in your pocket without requiring you to invest in your work is photography. Showing up at events on weekends alone can make your weeks with a smile all day long.

15. Rental business

If you just have a small amount of money, you might decide to get some event supplies, such as seats, canopies, tables, wedding accessories, and so on.

Because it will continue to bring in profit once you have purchased your materials, it is a very lucrative daily income business in Nigeria. Give it a thought!

16. Hairdressing business

The hairdressing business has proven to be a very successful business that would continue to bring daily income provided you are skilled at creating unique hairstyles for females.

17. Pure Water business

Another booming industry that shouldn’t be overlooked is this one. Given that everyone drinks water daily–no one can go an entire day without drinking water, I would consider it a store of daily income streams for you reading this piece now.

18. Popcorn Making Business

Even though some people disregard the popcorn business, it’s still one of Nigeria’s untapped daily earning opportunities. Just like many other businesses, it requires strategic positioning. If you can get a place close to where people always pass, where events happen almost every day, like a park or hall, marketplace etc., you will be amazed at how much you earn daily.

19. Fashion Designing

Fashion designing business is reserved to be the last on my list because, talking of the most lucrative, fast-income business in Nigeria today – wherever you may be; village, town or city, you will earn cool money daily. Once you master the art of sewing clothes all you need is a machine to start with. You can buy more as you make a profit. You can start tailoring business from your room; making use of your living room or passage.

There are many daily income business ideas to start and make in Nigeria. But what we have shared here with you are highly lucrative offline businesses that anyone can start with little to no capital. If you are interested in online business ideas such as affiliate marketing, we have that covered, including how to start an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria

We hope you enjoy this article. Share or comment below; we’d like to hear from you.

To your success.

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