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16 Best Universities for Criminology in UK

One profession that requires a great deal of knowledge, critical thinking, and thorough research is criminology. Movies frequently show the many investigations that detectives and investigators make in an effort to catch criminals. Therefore, if we assert that criminology necessitates delving deeply into details, we won’t be far from the truth.

What is Criminology?

The study of crime, including its definitions, causes, and effects, is known as criminology. It looks at how the criminal justice system works, how we respond to crime outside of it, how victims and criminals are treated, and how we prosecute offenders. Criminologists serve law enforcement and criminal justice in society by working behind the scenes.

To improve our understanding of crime and criminal justice, criminologists utilise a variety of theoretical approaches and employ a number of research methodologies. Graduates in criminology can pursue a variety of vocations, such as forensic psychology, criminal profiling, and investigation.

There are several universities in the UK that grant criminology degrees, however, some are better than others. You can read more about the best UK institutions for studying criminology below. Graduate prospects, industry links, and student satisfaction rankings are all factors that influence how well a university performs.

Top Universities for Criminology in the United Kingdom

1. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester, which is now rated 27th in the QS World University Rankings 2021, is often regarded as one of the greatest universities in the world. 25 Nobel Prize winners have held positions at the university in the past, and 91% of recent graduates from Manchester enter the workforce or pursue further education.

At The University of Manchester Law School, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to become involved in the community, develop your talents, and make a difference. You will comprehend criminality and the systems of criminal justice within their social, economic, and political contexts by studying BA in Criminology. The goal of the course is to increase understanding of how the “rule of law” and justice play a part in the criminal justice system.

Criminology Courses at the University of Manchester:

2. University of Leicester

A community of criminologists with a focus on multidisciplinary research makes up the School of Criminology at the University of Leicester. The University has won the Times University of the Year award in the past, and according to the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, it is now ranked 170th in the world.

The University of Leicester are home to some of the top criminologists in the UK, and Leicester boasts one of the very few Schools in the nation solely committed to teaching and researching criminology. As a result, you will gain from receiving a pure, directed, and comprehensive education in the study of crime.

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Criminology Course at the University of Leicester

3. University of Stirling

The University of Stirling, Scotland, consistently receives high marks for student experience and satisfaction from international students. With more than 14,000 students, it was selected as the 2020 Sports University of the Year (Times University Guide).

Fascinating issues relating to the criminal justice system, societal contexts of crime, and the connection between behaviour and punishment are covered. How and why do individuals violate the law? What does this mean in terms of the criminal justice system, and how do we prosecute, police, and punish people?

Criminology Courses at the University of Stirling:

4. University of Derby

The University of Derby, a Teaching Excellence Framework Gold-rated institution, is located in Derby, one of the UK’s most reasonably priced cities for students. Around 20,000 students attend the university, which is located in the middle of the UK. Many of them pick Derby because of its focus on “real-world learning,” where the university closely collaborates with employers.

There are exciting opportunities for you to apply your knowledge and skills to real-world situations thanks to the institution’s strong professional partnerships with the police, probation service, prisons and other criminal justice agencies.

University of Derby Criminology Courses Offered:

5. Swansea University

Swansea University is consistently regarded as one of the finest institutions in Wales and is ranked among the top 30 universities in the UK (Guardian University Guide 2021). The University received a Gold rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework, and work experiences are a common feature of practically all undergraduate and postgraduate Swansea programmes.

Swansea University’s flexible degree structure with a range of optional modules in the second and third years gives you plenty of scopes to tailor your studies to your particular interests, career goals, or ambitions for postgraduate study.”

Swansea University Criminology Courses Offered:

6. Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)

One of the UK institutions with the oldest history that allows students to study criminology is Liverpool John Moores University. The institution has been around since 1823 and is known for its influential research.

In addition to being one of the major universities in the UK, this criminology department has produced a great deal of insightful research, establishing the foundation for global policymakers to give solutions to pressing issues.

Liverpool John Moores University – Courses Offered in Criminology:

7. Teesside University

Teesside University is a centre of learning that expertly combines art, business, and a beautiful environment. The atmosphere at the university enables students to balance their recreational interests with their academic pursuits.

One of the oldest universities in the UK for criminology studies is Teesside University, which is located in North East England and has been there for more than eight decades.

As one would typically anticipate from a criminology programme, Teesside University’s main offerings are in the field of forensics. Teesside University not only offers some of the greatest criminology programmes in the UK but also allows students to combine their academic and extracurricular activities.

Teesside University – Courses Offered in Criminology:

8. University of South Wales

One of the largest universities in the UK is the University of South Wales. The university is a learning centre where students can enrol in a range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programmes.

Financial aid is offered at this criminology programme in the UK primarily to assist the students in covering their tuition costs. Students at the University of South Wales appreciate the university’s countrified setting and beautiful surroundings in addition to the quality education it offers.

South Wales University – Courses Offered in Criminology:

9. University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

This is a top-notch criminology school where students can enrol in a variety of criminology courses, such as those that combine criminology with psychology, sociology, law, and criminal justice.

UCLan is a famous university in the UK with multiple campuses, with its main campus being in Preston. The university offers more than 200 postgraduate programmes in addition to more than 300 undergraduate programmes.

UCLan has additional campuses in Burnley, Cumbria, and Cyprus in addition to its flagship campus in Preston. Students at UCLan have taken advantage of the option to receive financial aid that they may require to pay tuition.

University of Central Lancashire – Courses Offered in Criminology:

10. Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool Hope University has a criminology programme with in-depth research and an ethical faculty. Surprisingly, it has one of the best forensics programmes in the UK.

The university is additionally ranked among the top 10 universities in the UK. Liverpool Hope University provides comfortable housing for its students, and curiously enough, students adore the university’s scenic surroundings.

One of the oldest UK universities for criminology study is Liverpool Hope University, which has been around for a while. The university was first established in 1844.

Liverpool Hope University – Courses Offered in Criminology:

11. University of East London

The University of East London fulfils its social duty by volunteering for community projects in addition to spreading important knowledge including research in criminology.

The University of East London offers a wide range of criminology courses, such as criminology and law, criminology and psychology, and criminology and criminal justice, making it a typical school for criminology studies.

This university has two main campuses, one each in Stratford and London.

University of East London – Courses Offered in Criminology:

12. Canterbury Christ Church University

In addition to being a university for criminology studies, Canterbury Christ Church University is renowned for its top-notch teacher preparation programmes. Scholarships are frequently awarded by this university to students who have excelled in sports. Canterbury Christ Church University offers a variety of sports groups for students to join due to its emphasis on sports.

Additionally, the university hosts a wide variety of sporting events, providing students with the chance to demonstrate their athletic prowess.

The two campuses that belong to Canterbury Christ Church University are located in Canterbury and Medway, respectively. Notably, this criminology school’s location in Canterbury is thought of as its primary campus.

13. University of Portsmouth

This university provides a vibrant environment that buzzes with learning and fun–an atmosphere of excitement and activity. The University of Portsmouth, which opened its doors in 1869, serves as a breeding ground for students who would eventually play major roles in a variety of businesses.

The University of Portsmouth was initially created to train skilled labourers and engineers for jobs in the Royal Navy, but it is today a superb centre for learning in a variety of career fields, including criminology.

University of Portsmouth – Courses Offered in Criminology:

14. London Metropolitan University

An industry-focused university in the UK that offers criminology courses is London Metropolitan University. It has been praised for its intensive concentration on preparing students for industrial positions related to their career trajectories, even if it gives them the option of balancing study and employment.

The institution is undoubtedly one of the criminology programmes committed to turning out graduates who can find work. Anyone interested in studying criminology at London Metropolitan University can be guaranteed that they will graduate with the practical skills required for application in the real world.

15. Buckinghamshire New University

This university is among the top university for foreign students offering criminology programmes in the UK. It is an academic institution that seeks to develop its students into future leaders in whichever fields they choose. Therefore, Buckinghamshire New University provides a consistent and modern university education that may develop its students into leaders in practical situations.

The Buckinghamshire New University was founded more than a century ago.

16. The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD)

UWTSD is a well-known UK university with campuses in Swansea, Carmarthen, and Lampeter, with its main campus located in the city centre of Lampeter.

This criminology school is surrounded by beautiful countryside with mountains on either side.

UK universities ranked by Criminology Degree Program

UniversitiesGuardian score/100Satisfied with courseSatisfied with teachingStudent-to-staff ratio
11Queen’s, Belfast90.480.187.513.9
16Sheffield Hallam87.191.391.720.2
20Manchester Met85.487.485.711.7
21Liverpool John Moores85.282.485.723.1
22Nottingham Trent84.591.486.819.7
23York St John8483.888.121.6
26London South Bank83.684.28114.9
26Central Lancashire83.68486.517
28Anglia Ruskin82.882.484.916.6
29Birmingham City82.582.887.728.6
33UWE Bristol81.989.690.516.1
34Royal Holloway81.588.185.717.2
35Abertay Dundee81.486.690.625.6
43Leeds Beckett78.48588.321.7
44Edinburgh Napier77.792.892.129.7
45South Wales77.488.489.522.6
47Oxford Brookes77.187.986.918.4
62Canterbury Christ Church69.785.888.823
63Bath Spa68.582.387.526
65Edge Hill6781.78524.9
68Leeds Trinity66.258.669.524.8
69East London63.775.577.821.3
73London Met5576.381.123.1
74De Montfort53.668.970.128.9

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You can learn everything there is to know about the top criminology programmes in the UK from the list above. Even though there are many more UK colleges that offer criminology programmes, we can promise you that we’ve diligently compiled a list of the top criminology programmes in the country for you to choose from.

If you have a real knack for criminology, the United Kingdom might be your best option for receiving a quality criminology degree. Additionally, the mentioned UK criminology schools frequently offer financial help to students, which is undoubtedly a fantastic option for students who desire to study but do not have the financial capacity to cover their tuition fees.

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