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20 Best Universities for Biology in the UK

Do you think that living things are fascinating? How they maintain their existence, how their bodies function, and how they engage with the world around them can keep your mind churning for a long time as you try to make sense of it all. Biology is a fascinating field because it not only investigates the distinguishing features and qualities of a life form, but also delves deeper into the cellular composition, genetic material, and responsibilities that organisms play in a specific context.

Earning a degree in biology can pave the way for a variety of lucrative and satisfying professional career paths. On the other hand, for certain people, the foundation they need to succeed in fields such as medicine or law is provided by biology. In a nutshell, if you have a background in biology from your academic studies, you will have a more adaptable and promising career.

Studying biological sciences at a prestigious university in the United Kingdom could be very beneficial to you. 

The following is a list of the top 20 universities in the United Kingdom for studying biology.

List of the top Universities for Biology in the United Kingdom

1. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge has maintained its position as one of the top 10 educational institutions in the world. In addition, when compared to other institutions, it enjoys the highest level of prestige in the United Kingdom. In addition to its prowess in a variety of academic fields, the University of Cambridge is regarded as one of the most prestigious institutions in the United Kingdom in the field of biology.

The ultimate goal of the university is to foster exceptional learning and research opportunities, and the School of Biological Sciences is committed to achieving this goal. The School is responsible for managing a number of different centres and departments, each of which focuses on a distinct area of biology.

At the undergraduate level, students complete required as well as elective coursework from specialized topic areas such as botany, zoology, and ecology. Graduate students, on the other hand, are given the option to choose the subfield in which they would like to concentrate their studies.

The School of Biological Sciences helps students become better at solving problems so that they can contribute to the school’s efforts to make progress in the fields of health and medicine.

2. University of Oxford

Another prestigious educational institution is Oxford University, located in England. It holds a high position across the board in both global university rankings and individual subject rankings. In the field of higher education in the United Kingdom, the University of Oxford has established itself as a pillar institution. It applies a rigorous method to all of its degrees, including biology, for example.

The Department of Biology at the University of Oxford is a relatively recent institutional organization that is responsible for delivering an exceptional biology program to students in the United Kingdom. The department of biology uses a more comprehensive approach to teaching biology, which involves the merging of zoological and plant sciences. The primary objective of the biology department is to familiarize its students with the expansive field of biology. To accomplish this goal, the department takes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, exposing students to a variety of topics that intersect with biology in general.

A graduate degree in biology requires a significant amount of independent research. Research for a doctoral degree is concentrated on the subject or area of expertise that the student wishes to pursue; training also includes overlapping supervision from the departments of mathematics, physics, and the life sciences.

3. Imperial College London

Because of its dedicated focus on research, technology, business, and medicine, Imperial College London, a top biology school in the UK, is recognized on a global scale. Some of the most esteemed academic publications in the UK are produced by Imperial College London, a facility geared toward growth and innovation. The university offers top-notch instruction in biology thanks to its strength in the sciences.

Students participating in studies dealing with life forms, such as biology, are trained and educated under the supervision of the Department of Life Sciences. The department of biology, in contrast to other biology programs, offers specialized degrees in biochemistry and biotechnology. To become future leaders in the biological sciences, the students are mentored by the department’s team of experienced faculty.

Modern facilities are also housed in the department to help students improve their lab manners and skills. The staff and students stay on top of the game thanks to research labs and tools for nuclear magnetic resonance, stem cell cultivation, and other related fields.

4. University College London

The University College of London, also known as UCL, is a premier biology school in the UK and a significant research university. It takes pride in having the highest number of postgraduate students admitted in the entire United Kingdom. Additionally, UCL publishes the most research articles in a given academic year. The university’s academic standing is clear in all of the fields it offers, including biology.

The University College London Division of Biosciences supports the students’ development into the leaders of the following generation who will promote sustainable measures for protecting biodiversity and curing diseases. The biological sciences offer promising job prospects in a variety of fields, including medicines, education, and health services.

Students that enrol in a biological sciences undergraduate degree learn a wide range of essential concepts. From there, students can pursue classes that go into further detail about topics like genetics, biology, biodiversity, and conservation with confidence. These are some of the academic options available to students in their second year.

Program Search for Foreign Students

While the majority of students start their careers following graduation, some decide to stay in school and get their master’s. You can focus on a subject you are most interested in with a master’s degree.

5. The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a public research university situated in Manchester, England. It is the third-largest university in the UK and draws visitors from all over the world to enrol in its programs. The University of Manchester, which was founded on the idea that any profession may be grounded in scientific reasoning, is a leader in the sciences and has a renowned biology department.

With regard to using biological sciences to address health and medical issues, the Faculty of Biology, Medicine, and Health takes an interdisciplinary approach. Due to the department’s highly integrated faculty, it produces the most healthcare graduates in North-West England.

Students in biosciences are trained under the faculty’s supervision, primarily in preparation for careers in medicine. Along with thorough lectures, the faculty assigns students to practical laboratory work and sends them off to perform an independent studies. This method guarantees that students are able to apply theory and concepts to actual situations and solve them realistically.

Both undergraduate and graduate students can study biology and biosciences at the University of Manchester.

6. King’s College London

King’s College London is ranked #33 in Best Global Universities. It is a public research university in London, England (often known as King’s or KCL). King’s was founded in 1829 by royal charter with the support of King George IV and the Duke of Wellington. King’s joined the University of London’s first two colleges in 1836. One of the country’s oldest universities is located there. The Institute of Psychiatry, the United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospitals, the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery, and Queen Elizabeth College were among the institutions that merged with King’s in the latter half of the 20th century.

7. University of Edinburgh

One of the top universities in the United Kingdom to attend is the University of Edinburgh. This university’s tranquil setting sets it apart as a destination for both domestic and foreign students. It features some of the greatest instructors for these courses and provides undergraduate and graduate students with a wide selection of biological sciences courses to pick from.

You can concentrate on cell biology, genetics, biotechnology, and many other areas within its biology courses. It is one of the best biology schools in the UK because you can be sure that there are sufficient resources for you to excel in whichever field you decide to specialize in.

8. University of Glasgow

In the UK, the University of Glasgow is ranked as the tenth top institution for biological sciences. Even though there are other disciplines given in the course, this indicates that it is your top choice of college if you wish to major in biological sciences.

In addition, it is highly known for its scientific research and broad biology course offerings as one of Scotland’s oldest institutions. The application procedure is not as difficult as it would be elsewhere. You can enrol in any biology course offered by the University of Glasgow once you’ve completed the prerequisites listed on the website and collected all the necessary documentation.

9. University of Portsmouth

Both undergraduate and graduate-level biology courses at the University of Portsmouth are of the highest calibre. Because the university’s courses are practical, you can be sure you’ll learn everything there is to know. This makes the institution one of the greatest biology universities in the United Kingdom.

Biology curricula’ theoretical components are excellent since they aid in your understanding of the fundamentals of how things operate. But if you want to get the most out of your education, practice is essential, and the University of Portsmouth provides it.

10. University of Dundee

The University of Dundee is one of the top universities in the UK to study biology, particularly because of its adaptable study modules. The courses at this university are broken down into manageable chunks so that any student in the class may easily understand them. The majority of its biological courses combine biology with other closely related disciplines like Molecular Genetics, Oral Biology, and Mathematical Biology.

11. University of York

  • University of York Biology Program page
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Postgraduate Certificate of Education
  • #268 in Best Universities for Biology and Biochemistry
  • #260 in Best Global Universities

Getting into a university that is accredited is one of the numerous obstacles that students who wish to study biology must overcome. You must confirm that a school has the necessary accreditations; it is not enough to know that it provides biology courses. The Royal Society of Biology has accredited courses in biology at the University of York.

This university’s accreditation serves as proof that it is among the top institutions for obtaining a top-notch education in biology. Your employability will increase if you have a biology degree from the University of York, which establishes your academic competency.

12. University of Warwick

The University of Warwick attracts both domestic and foreign students to its biological programmes for a variety of reasons, including its top-notch teaching facilities. The institution’s emphasis on the value of cutting-edge research in educating students for the future is the main factor. Students learn about the development of biology, and how things are now and are appropriately equipped for what lies ahead.

13. Durham University

Anyone who is passionate about biology will enjoy getting into a research-focused university for a biology degree, which is why you should think about Durham University. It provides biology programmes that emphasise research for both domestic and foreign students. Your employment options are numerous with a biology degree from Durham University as you build a strong biology foundation.

14. Lancaster University

The excellent Lancaster University provides biological studies with a wide range of practical skills. The university is one of the best for biology in the United Kingdom because of its many charming ecological environments. Here, you’ll have the chance to learn both the theory and the practice of conducting biological research, as well as participate in a variety of learning activities. You can gain access to the most recent news and opportunities in the biology community by joining any of the biological communities offered by this university.

15. Ulster University

With a distinctive teaching approach that makes students highly employable, Ulster University provides high-quality, reasonably priced education in biology programmes. Students learn the abilities necessary to tackle global challenges in their practical courses. Additionally, it has well-equipped labs where students can conduct experiments and research for a variety of biology courses. Ulster University is already regarded as one of the best British universities for biology because of all these factors.

You will like the environment at Ulster University whether you are a domestic or international student because the institution places a high value on interpersonal skills. Additionally, there are several options for student participation in conferences and events that give you the chance to network with influential figures in the field of biology.

16. University of St Andrews

The University of St Andrew is the third-oldest university in the UK. It is a top choice for biological studies and provides beneficial learning opportunities despite being one of the oldest in the nation. It has continued to raise the bar and become a more comprehensive research organisation. It provides a wide selection of biological research-based courses so that students have a lot of possibilities.

Additionally, the instruction offered here is of the highest calibre, making it a popular choice among biology aficionados worldwide. St Andrews provides value for your money since it places you in a position to take advantage of the numerous options offered by the dynamic job market.

17. University of Nottingham

  • #165 Best Universities for Biology and Biochemistry
  • #151 Best Global Universities

18. University of Bristol

  • #165 Best Universities for Biology and Biochemistry (tie)
  • #92 Best Global Universities

19. University of Birmingham

  • #154 Best Universities for Biology and Biochemistry
  • #91 Best Global Universities

20. Newcastle University

  • #133 Best Universities for Biology and Biochemistry
  • #156 Best Global Universities

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