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10 Best Medical University in UK

A career in medicine is not just something you choose to study and then work in; rather, it is a choice you make for your entire life that can easily become a way of life. In popular culture, physicians are often portrayed as the individuals who are responsible for assisting patients in overcoming both physical and mental health issues, as well as being present to provide emotional support and information to patients and their families during trying times.

It is tempting to pursue a career in medicine, particularly if you are interested in gaining experience in another country. After you’ve made up your mind, you might choose to research medical schools in the United Kingdom, which is a popular destination for further education among students from other countries.

The medical schools in the United Kingdom offer excellent research opportunities, programmes that are recognised internationally, and a pleasant learning atmosphere that is culturally diverse. There are medical schools in the UK with state-of-the-art educational facilities that serve students who wish to study in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. Many of these universities provide both pre-clinical and medical studies to their students.

In the United Kingdom, there are over 60 different medical subspecialties from which to pick. The following are some of the most common:

  • Anaesthetics
  • General Practice
  • Pathology
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • Surgery

10 Best Medical Universities in the UK

1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is both one of the world’s oldest universities and one of the most prestigious educational institutions. When it comes to studying medicine, the university is well-known for the high teaching standards it maintains, the outstanding research possibilities it provides, and the Pre-clinical programmes that are made possible by professionals and cutting-edge technology. Students from other countries can anticipate receiving education from the most knowledgeable professionals in the medical field.

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In addition to this, the university is well-known for producing a big percentage of graduates who find work within the shortest length of time possible—on average six months after graduation.

In order to get into Oxford University’s Medical School, there are two different routes to take. The first option is the standard programme that lasts for six years and is designed for students who have already completed high school. The second option is the graduate entrance programme, which takes approximately four years to finish. Graduates of science programmes who are interested in enrolling in medical school at the University of Oxford should consider applying to this programme.

2. University of Cambridge

This prestigious institution ranks 6th on the list of top universities in the World and 2nd in the United Kingdom. International students from all over the world, who are exceptionally bright and gifted, are encouraged to apply to the university.

Science graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine can choose between a conventional medical programme that lasts six years and a graduate entry/accelerated programme that lasts only four years at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. Preclinical research usually takes up the first three years of the programme.

After that, students have the option to decide whether to pursue the MB BChir three-year Standard clinical course or the MBPhD three-year course, which involves intensive laboratory research.

These career-focus paths are intended for a medical practitioner (MB BChir) working in the health care industry or a medical researcher (MB PhD) conducting research in any of the following fields: neurological diseases, intracellular infections, organelle biology, rare genetic diseases, protein folding and quality control, and membrane trafficking. Students from other countries are welcome to explore the possibility of enrolling in the medical programme via the 6-year standard route or the graduate-entry pathways.

3. Imperial College London

According to the World University Rankings and the UK Guardian University Guide rankings for 2022, Imperial College London ranks among the top 5 universities in clinical medicine and health. 

Their MBBS programme is one of the best in the world because it emphasises both theoretical study and hands-on clinical training, which enables students from all over the world to acquire the skills necessary to be successful in the medical field. In their classes, students are instructed by some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the world. 

These instructors use an all-encompassing method of teaching and learning, and they provide sufficient student support, all with the goal of producing graduates who are well-grounded in the medical field. Students are given the opportunity to participate in clinical training, research, and the experience of patients.

A combined Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine degree is awarded to students who successfully complete the programme. Graduates with this basic medical degree are eligible to register with the General Medical Council, which grants them a licence to practise medicine in partner health organisations like the National Health Service (NHS).

Imperial College London Medicine courses:

4. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is home to a significant number of students originating from countries all over the world. This university was established in 1583, and it holds the distinction of having produced two individuals who went on to win the Nobel Prize in their respective fields of physiology and medicine.

The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh achieved a ranking of second place in 2021 among medical schools in the United Kingdom for the amount of hospital-based clinical coursework that was included in their curriculum. 

The medical curriculum incorporates both theoretical and hands-on learning, with the goal of producing graduates who are outstanding and knowledgeable in their field. During the preclinical years of the medical programme, students conduct research and theoretical study. During the clinical years of the programme, students participate in clinical placements in which they assist doctor trainees in hospitals. Because of this innovative method, graduates of medical schools can be completely ready for a career in the medical field.

Tuition breakdown at the University of Edinburgh:

Academic SessionScotlandHome – RUKInternational/EU

The 6 years Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) degree equips students with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to become a Foundation Year 1 doctor.

Medicine at Edinburgh offers a modern, innovative curriculum designed to prepare you for contemporary medical practice. The university’s aim is for you to graduate as a competent, ethical and reflective doctor, with the care of patients as your first concern.

The students of this prestigious institution graduate as excellent communicators and team players prepared for complex and uncertain situations. They are also equipped for ongoing personal development and training for high professional achievement and leadership.

5. University College London

The world-famous UCL Medical School is renowned for its innovative medical research and cutting-edge technological capabilities. In 2021, it had a student satisfaction percentage of 79%, which demonstrated the total impact of studying and teaching on the experience of the student. Because of the university’s dedication to the advancement of medical education and scholarship opportunities, the “Commitment to Scholarship” honours were bestowed upon it. The school has established collaborative relationships with a wide variety of hospitals in order to provide clinical students with the education they need to graduate with a medical degree.

UCL Medical School is currently ranked 7th in the world in the QS World University Rankings (2022) and UCL has been ranked 8th for 2022 with subject rankings to be announced.

Students can count on an internationally recognised faculty of education and research leaders, as well as a dedicated group of teachers stationed in the NHS, to deliver high-quality instruction with the ultimate goal of delivering the greatest possible learning experience.

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes:

The doctoral programme offers the opportunity to study at PhD level:

6. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is recognised as one of the top universities in the world due to its cutting-edge infrastructure and forward-thinking educational approach. As a result, the institution is able to train medical students to become leaders in their area. 

The institution encourages students from other countries to enrol in its College of Medical, Veterinary, and Life Sciences so that they can gain exposure to the high calibre of instruction and research that is conducted there.

The College of Medical Science, much like the majority of medical schools in the United Kingdom, provides students with the option of enrolling in either a six-year normal medical programme or a four-year graduate entrance programme. The medical field has a significant need for graduates of this university, and those graduates are in high demand.

The University of Glasgow- Medical courses offered: 

For Postgraduate:

7. King’s College London

According to the latest rankings, King’s College London is the 15th top medical school in the world when it comes to clinical medicine. Its School of Medicine receives the most applicants for medicine each year out of any other medical school. It is ranked 11th on the list of the best universities in the world by the World University Rankings. This famous university has ties to two individuals who have won Nobel Prizes in their respective fields, physiology and medicine.

The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree programme at Kings College London can be completed in five years, or students have the option to complete it in six years and graduate with a joint BSc and MBBS degree. Students from other countries are more than welcome to investigate their integrated methods of patient care and clinical instruction.

One of the key benefits of attending King’s College London is:

  • Integration of medical science with clinical teaching throughout with a focus on learning in close contact with patients
  • Partner hospitals include Guy’s, King’s College and St Thomas’ Hospitals – three of the most renowned and busiest teaching hospitals in London.

8. Queen Mary University of London

According to the Complete University Guide, this institution’s department of medicine is the best in all of London. And when it comes to the quality of the medical education that they provide, the total student satisfaction score is put at 86%. Queen Mary University’s medical school has a job placement rate of almost 99% for its graduates within six months of graduating. The medical school is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and a library that is on par with the best in the world. 

During the clinical portion of the medical school’s curriculum, students rotate among some of the most prestigious teaching hospitals in the United Kingdom. This allows the students to gain practical experience in the field of patient care. The typical length of time spent studying medicine is ten years; however, students also have the option of entering the programme via a graduate-entry route, which only lasts for four years.

9. University of Dundee

The Complete University Guide’s rankings for 2021 place this university first overall for medical education in the UK. In terms of medical education, the total student satisfaction rate is 86%. Within six months of graduation, 99% of medical graduates find employment.

It collaborates with the greatest medical facilities in the UK to provide medical students with practical training. International students are welcome to apply for its 5-year medical programme and study under renowned medical professionals.

You will spend the majority of your time studying at the University of Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital, however, there are options for placements in hospitals and general practises in other parts of Scotland.

The size and organisation of the medical school, which enrols about 160 students per academic year, make it easier to get to know your fellow students as well as the professors and clinicians who are guiding you. Since you’ll be interacting with actual patients from the beginning of the course, you’ll feel like a part of the community right away.

To help you begin thinking like a doctor and start solving clinical problems, the curriculum begins with a foundation block that studies the basic science that underpins the area of medicine.

10. University of Aberdeen

One of the top and most affordable institutions in the UK is the University of Aberdeen. The Complete University Guide, a UK publication, estimates that 81% of its students are satisfied overall in 2021. The University of Aberdeen is ranked second in the UK for medicine by the Guardian League table. Students can study clinical skills at the institution thanks to its cutting-edge technology and contemporary facilities. Preclinical and clinical research in Scottish hospitals is part of this five-year programme at the University of Aberdeen, which will give medical students the relevant skills they need to be well-versed in the medical profession.

Courses Offered at the University of Aberdeen School of Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition:

Through a systems-based approach to learning, students take a step-by-step approach to the acquisition of information, skills, and professional attitudes.

At the conclusion of years three or four, medical students have the option to pursue a one-year intercalated honours degree in medical science or medical humanities in order to advance their knowledge and abilities.

In year 4, all students will benefit from a clinical attachment in distant and rural medicine, with the option to spend the entire year away from Aberdeen.

Each year, student-selected components are completed, allowing students to pursue their areas of interest for further study.

Tuition Fees for 2022/23 Academic Year£9,250
Tuition Fees for 2022/23 Academic YearThis includes the mandatory national levy to cover the cost of tuition in the NHS. Further details can be found at£47,500
Tuition Fees for 2022/23 Academic Year£1,820

Contact Details:

EMAIL: med[email protected] 

CALL: +44 (0)1224 437923


In addition to cultivating their students to be the greatest in any profession, universities in the United Kingdom, especially medical institutions, provide a secure environment for international students to meet individuals from different parts of the world and participate in other extracurricular activities.

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